Country Byzantine Empire (before 1204)
Byzantine Empire Despotate of Epirus (after 1204)
Foundedca. 1190
Final rulerDimitri
megas archon

The Progon family (Albanian: Progoni) established the first Albanian state,[1] the Principality of Arbër, which fell under the influence of the Byzantine Empire, the Despotate of Epirus and the Kingdom of Serbia.[2] Progon, the founder, held the title of archon (lord), while one of his sons, Dimitri, held the title of panhypersebastos. The family had a considerable degree of autonomy.

The family disappears in historical sources after 1216, following the death of Dimitri.


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  2. ^ Ducellier 1999, p. 786: "However, owing to the proximity of a Serbia in full expansion and of the Epirote princes, little Arbanon, shut away in the hinterland, with its main political center in Kruja, opted for a continuing attachment to the Orthodox tradition and for subjection to Epiros, as well as alliance to Serbia."


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