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Project Starline is an experimental video communication method currently in development by Google that allows the user to see a 3D model of the person they are communicating with. Google announced the product at its 2021 I/O developer conference, saying that it will allow users to "talk naturally, gesture and make eye contact"[1] by utilizing machine learning, spatial audio, computer vision and real-time compression to create the 3D effect without the user wearing typical virtual reality goggles.[2] The goal is to make the user feel as if they are in the same room with the other user.[3][4]


Project Starline had been in the work for more than five years prior to the official announcement on May 18, 2021.[5][6] The technology is currently only available in a small number of Google's offices, but the company plans to begin collaborating with certain partners in the next year,[7] particularly partners in the healthcare and media industries.[8]


The current implementation of Project Starline is a booth that the user sits in, facing a 65 in (170 cm) "light field display,"[7] surrounded by more depth sensors, cameras, and lights.[5][9] Light field technology is a photography technique that captures the direction of light as well as its intensity and color to enable more effective 3D imaging.[10] The user can then view another user on the display in 3D and vice versa. Google says it plans to "make this technology more affordable and accessible."[2]


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