Pyramid G1-d
Coordinates29°58′40.26″N 31°8′10.52″E / 29.9778500°N 31.1362556°E / 29.9778500; 31.1362556
Ancient nameG1-d
ConstructedFourth Dynasty
Pyramid G1-d is located in Egypt
Pyramid G1-d
Location of pyramid in Egypt

Pyramid G1-d (also known as 'G Id', 'G1d', or 'GId') is a satellite pyramid within the Khufu Pyramid complex. It was discovered in 1993 during work to remove a road near the pyramid G1 (the Great Pyramid of Giza). It is located about 25m southeast of the southeast corner of the Great Pyramid of Giza and about 7 m west of the subsidiary pyramids G1–b and G1–c.

Pyramid G1-d pyramidion

All the stonework of the pyramid core had been removed in ancient times. What remains of the superstructure core is two courses of stone. There was also a substructure which was U-shaped but this was destroyed in antiquity. During the excavation the actual apex stone of the pyramid, a single piece of fine Tura-quality limestone, was found. It is the second oldest pyramidion ever found, the earliest belonging to the North Pyramid of Sneferu discovered by Rainer Stadelmann at Dahshur. This rare find has been left in place.

One inscription was found written in red paint on the inside surface of one block set in the south wall. The notation says, "imy rsy S3." This graffiti, meaning "on the south (back) side," probably instructed the stone movers where to place the block.

The purpose of the pyramid is under debate by scholars. Some possible explanations are that it is for the king's Ka, or it represents the king as the ruler of Upper Egypt, or it is for the viscera of the King, or it is a dummy room for the Sed festival, or it has a solar function. Zahi Hawass, who led the uncovering of the pyramid, believed that the satellite pyramid was used symbolically as a changing room for the Sed festival.[1]

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Coordinates: 29°58′40.26″N 31°8′10.52″E / 29.9778500°N 31.1362556°E / 29.9778500; 31.1362556 (Pyramid G1-d)