Pyramid of Neferkare Neby
Neferkare Neby
Ancient name
Ḏḏ-ˁnḫ Nfr-k3-Rˁ ("Enduring Life of Neferkare")
Constructed8th dynasty

The Pyramid of Neferkare Neby was the tomb of the Ancient Egyptian King Neferkare Neby, who reigned in the 8th dynasty. It has never been located and is only known from an inscription.

On the sarcophagus and false door of Queen Ankhenespepi IV [de], the name of a pyramid is mentioned.[1] The name is "Enduring Life of Neferkare." How far construction of this pyramid progressed is unclear. It is possible that its remains are only a few metres from the Pyramid of Pepi II, where Gustave Jéquier found the false door of Ankhenespepi IV's tomb.


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