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Qi hardware is a defunct project which produces copyleft hardware, in an attempt to apply the Free Software Foundation's GNU GPL concept of copylefting software to the hardware layer by using the CC-BY-SA license for schematics, bill of materials and PCB layout data. The project has been both a community of popular open hardware websites and a company, co-founded by Wolfgang Spraul and Yi Zhang, that makes hardware products. Formed from the now defunct Openmoko project,[1] key members went on to form Qi Hardware Inc. and Sharism At Work Ltd. Thus far, the project has released the Ben Nanonote,[2][3][4][5] the Milkymist One,[6] and the Ben WPAN wireless project[7][8] to create a copyleft wireless platform. The examples of Qi hardware projects are the Ben NanoNote pocket computer, Elphel 353 video camera and Milkymist One video synthesizer.


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