RAF Air Support Command


Royal Air Force Air Support Command
Founded1 August 1967- 1 September 1972
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
BranchEnsign of the Royal Air Force.svg Royal Air Force
Rolesupport aircraft
Motto(s)Ferio Ferendo
Latin: "I Strike by Carrying"[1]
crest heraldryA golden griffon in front of a globe
RAF Air Support Command Bristol Sycamore communications helicopter in 1968

Air Support Command of the Royal Air Force was formed on 1 August 1967 by the redesignation of Transport Command.[2] Its change of name reflected the change of emphasis of the Command from solely transporting materials and manpower around the world to providing general support to RAF operations around the world.

The result of this broader role meant that Air Support Command, unlike its predecessor Transport Command, possessed strike aircraft such as Hawker Hunters.[3] With the contraction of the RAF, it only lasted a short time as a command, and it was absorbed into Strike Command on 1 September 1972[4] forming No. 38 Group and No. 46 Group within Strike Command. The former was designated as a tactical support and the latter as a strategic support group.[5]

Commanders in Chief

Commanders-in-Chief included:[6]

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