RD-0236 (РД-0236)
Country of originUSSR
First flight1973-04-09[1]
ApplicationVernier engine
Associated LVUR-100N, Rokot and Strela[1]
StatusOut of Production
Liquid-fuel engine
PropellantN2O4[1] / UDMH[1]
CycleGas Generator[1]
Thrust15.76 kilonewtons (3,540 lbf)[2]
Specific impulse (vacuum)293 s (2.87 km/s)[2]
Used in
UR-100N second stage[2]

The RD-0236 (GRAU Index 15D114) is a liquid rocket vernier engine, burning N2O4 and UDMH in the gas generator cycle.[3][1] It is used along the RD-0235 main engine on the UR-100UTTKh second stage. Its function is to supply thrust vector control by gimbaling each of its four nozzles in a plane.[2] While the engine is out of production, the ICBM as well as Rokot and Strela remain operational as of 2015.[4]

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