The RD-215 (GRAU Index 8D513) was a dual nozzle liquid rocket engine, burning AK-27 (a mixture of 73% nitric acid and 27% N2O4 + iodine passivant) and UDMH. It was used in a module of two engines (four nozzles) known as the RD-216 (GRAU Index 8D514).[2] The RD-215 was developed by OKB-456 for Yangel's Yuzhmash R-14 (8K65) ballistic missile. Its variations were also used on the Kosmos-1, Kosmos-3 and Kosmos-3M launch vehicles.[1]

RD-215 (РД-215)
RD-216 sheme.svg
Country of originUSSR
DesignerOKB-456, V.Glushko
Associated LVR-14, Kosmos-3 and Kosmos-3M
Liquid-fuel engine
PropellantAK-27I / UDMH
Mixture ratio2.5
Nozzle ratio18.8
Thrust, vacuum887 kN (199,000 lbf)
Thrust, sea-level740 kN (170,000 lbf)
Chamber pressure7.355 MPa (1,066.8 psi)
Specific impulse, vacuum289 s (2.83 km/s)
Specific impulse, sea-level246 s (2.41 km/s)
Length2,205 mm (86.8 in)
Diameter2,260 mm (89 in)
Dry weight575 kg (1,268 lb)
Used in
R-14, Kosmos-3 and Kosmos-3M first stage


The family incorporate many versions:[1][7]

  • RD-215: GRAU Index 8D513. Original design for the R-14 (8K65). Used also on the Kosmos-1 and Kosmos-3[2][1]
  • RD-215U: GRAU Index 8D513U. Improved engine for the R-14U (8K65U).[1]
  • RD-215M: GRAU Index 8D513M. Improved version used on the Kosmos-3M.[1]
  • RD-217: GRAU Index 8D515. Modified design for the R-16 (8K64) first stage.
  • RD-219: GRAU Index 8D713. Modified design for the R-16 (8K64) second stage.


These engines were bundled into modules of pairs of engines. The serial production modules were:[1][3]

  • RD-216: GRAU Index 8D514. Bundle of two RD-215, used on the R-14 (8K65), Kosmos-1 and Kosmos-3 first stage.[2][1]
  • RD-216U: GRAU Index 8D514U. Bundle of two RD-215U, used on the R-14U (8K65U) first stage.[1]
  • RD-216M: GRAU Index 8D514M. Bundle of two RD-215M, used on the Kosmos-3M first stage.[1]
  • RD-218: GRAU Index 8D712. Bundle of three RD-217, powers the R-16 (8K64) first stage.
RD-215 Family of Engines[1]
Engine RD-215 RD-215U RD-215M
GRAU 8D514 8D514U 8D514M
Development 1958-1960 1960-1961 1966-1968
Propellant AK-27I (73% nitric acid, 27% N2O4, and iodine passivant) / UDMH[2]
Combustion chamber pressure 7.355 MPa (1,066.8 psi)
Thrust, vacuum 887 kN (199,000 lbf) 887 kN (199,000 lbf) 890 kN (200,000 lbf)
Thrust, sea level 740 kN (170,000 lbf) 740 kN (170,000 lbf) 742.8 kN (167,000 lbf)
Isp, vacuum 289 s (2.83 km/s) 289 s (2.83 km/s) 291.3 s (2.857 km/s)
Isp, sea level 246 s (2.41 km/s) 246 s (2.41 km/s) 248 s (2.43 km/s)
Burn time 146s N/A N/A
Length 2,205 mm (86.8 in) 2,205 mm (86.8 in) 2,205 mm (86.8 in)
Diameter 2,260 mm (89 in) 2,260 mm (89 in) 2,260 mm (89 in)
Dry weight 575 kg (1,268 lb) 575 kg (1,268 lb) 570 kg (1,260 lb)
Use R-14 (8K65), Kosmos-1 and Kosmos-3 R-14U (8K65U) Kosmos-3M

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