The RD-843 is a Ukrainian single nozzle liquid propellant rocket engine burning pressure-fed UDMH and nitrogen tetroxide. It is rated for up to 5 restarts, and can gimbal up to 10 degrees in each direction.[2]

RD-843 (РД-843)
Country of originUkraine
First flight2012-02-13
DesignerYuzhnoye Design Bureau
ApplicationUpper stage
Associated LVVega
StatusIn production
Liquid-fuel engine
PropellantN2O4 / UDMH
Thrust, vacuum2,452 newtons (551 lbf)
Chamber pressure2.04 MPa (296 psi)
Specific impulse, vacuum315.5 seconds
Burn timeUp to 667s
Dry weight15.93 kilograms (35.1 lb)
Used in

It was developed by Yuzhnoye Design Bureau for Avio and is manufactured by Yuzhmash. It uses the RD-869 thrust chamber, the old Soviet ICBM SS-18 Satan final stage engine from which it is evolved, and which was also designed by Yuzhnoye. The RD-843 ground test campaign included 74 tests, 140 ignitions, reaching a total of 8201 s, which is approximately 12 service lives on 4 engines. As of June 2020 it has been successfully used on 14 orbital launches.[5]

It is currently used as the main engine of Vega's AVUM upper stage.

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  • AVUM - The upper stage of the Vega rocket that uses the RD-843 as its main engine.
  • Vega - The ESA small rocket that uses AVUM.
  • Yuzhnoe Design Bureau - The RD-843 designer bureau.
  • Yuzhmash - A multi-product machine-building company that's closely related to Yuzhnoe and manufactures the RD-843.


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