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Rail Vikas Nigam Limited is under the ownership of Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways, Government of India involved in building rail infrastructure required by the railways. It is an offshoot of the implementation of National Rail Vikas Yojana (NRVY) announced from the ramparts of Red Fort by the then Prime Minister, Sh Atal Behari Vajpayee, during the Independence Day speech on 15 August 2002. NRVY was formally launched by the Hon’ble PM on 26 December 2002 to bridge rail infrastructure deficit. RVNL came into being on 24 January 2003 as a 100% owned PSU of the Ministry of Railway. It became fully functional by March 2005.

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited
TypeSubsidiary of Indian Railways
BSE: 542649
IndustryRailway infrastructure
Area served
Key people
RevenueIncrease10,060.07 crore (US$1.3 billion) (2019) [1]
Increase810.30 crore (US$110 million) (2019)[1]
Increase606.59 crore (US$80 million) (2019)[1]
Total assetsIncrease11,403.17 crore (US$1.5 billion) (2019)[1]
Total equityIncrease2,714.75 crore (US$360 million) (2019)[1]
OwnerIndian Railways
(Ministry of Railways, Government of India)
Number of employees
545 (March 2019)
SubsidiariesHigh Speed Rail Corporation of India Limited

RVNL has been granted the Mini-Ratna-1 status on 19 September 2013.

RVNL anthemEdit

Illustrating the 3 pillars of RVNL - Quality, Speed & Transparency, and the focus of the organisation to provide the Indian Railways and the country modern infrastructure, the Anthem instills the pride in its members for it being the representative of Progress.

Completed projectsEdit

The list of 16 projects completed in 2019-20 is as under:[2]

  1. New Delhi-Tilak Bridge- 5th & 6th line, 2.65 km on Northern Railway
  2. 82 km long new railway line connecting Haridaspur-Paradeep on East Coast Railway
  3. 121 km long new railway line connecting Obulavaripalle- Krishnapattnam on South Central Railway
  4. 257 km Amla-Chhindwara-Kalumna Railway Electrification
  5. 203 km Raipur-Titlagarh {Part of Vizianagaram - Rayagada - Titlagarh - Raipur (465 rkm)} Railway Electrification
  6. 151 km Rajpura - Dhuri - Lehra Mohabat Railway Electrification
  7. 138 km Guntakal - Bellary - Hospet incl. Tornagallu - Ranjitpura Branch Line Railway Electrification
  8. 66 km Wani- Pimpalkutti Railway Electrification
  9. 14 km Manoharabad- Medchal Railway Electrification
  10. 120.55 km Yalahanka-Penukonda Doubling and Railway Electrification
  11. Vadlapudi- Wagon PoH Workshop of 200 wagon Capacity Near Duvvada Station on East Coast Railway
  12. Setting Up of Indian Railway Institute of Finance Management at Moula Ali, Secunderabad on South Central Railway
  13. Splitting of longer block sections of Jhansi-Garhmau, Orai-Ata, Ata-Kalpi & Pokhrayan Lalpur on North Central Railway
  14. New B-class station at Paman-Bhimsen on North Central Railway
  15. Sabarmati-Botad-subways in lieu of 23 level crossing on Western Railway
  16. Sabarmati-Botad-Subways in lieu of 14 level crossings on Western Railway

The list of all completed projects is as under:

S. No. Railway Project Name Type of Project Length (km)
1. Central Railway Diva - Kalyan 5th & 6th Line Doubling 11
2. Central Railway Pakni - Mohol Doubling Doubling 17
3. Central Railway Panvel - Jasai JNPT Doubling Doubling 28.5
4. Central Railway Pakni - Solapur Doubling Doubling 16.28
5. Eastern Railway Gurap - SaktigarhExtn of 3rd Line Doubling 26
6. East Central Railway Barauni - Tilrath Bypass Doubling Doubling 8.3
7. East Coast Railway Talcher-Cuttack-Paradeep Doubling with 2nd Bridge on Rivers Birupa& Mahanadi Doubling 3
8. East Coast Railway Jakhapura- Haridaspur 3rd Line Doubling 23.3
9. East Coast Railway Cuttack - Barang Doubling Doubling 14.3
10. East Coast Railway Rajatgarh-Barang Doubling Doubling 31.3
11. East Coast Railway Khurda-Barang - 3rd line (35 km) Doubling 32.32
12. Northern Railway New Delhi-Tilak Bridge- 5th & 6th line (2.65 km) Doubling 2.65
13. North Central Railway Palwal - Bhuteswar 3rd Line Doubling 81
14. North Central Railway Aligarh - Ghaziabad 3rd Line Doubling 106.1
15. North Western Railway Bhagat Ki Kothi - Luni Doubling Doubling 30.3
16. North Western Railway Karjoda - Palanpur Doubling Doubling 5.4
17. North Western Railway Rewari- Manheru Doubling Doubling 69.02
18. North Western Railway Rani-KeshavGanj Doubling Doubling 59.5
19. North Western Railway Abu Road-Sarotra Road- Patch doubling (23.12 km) Doubling 23.12
20. North Western Railway Swaruganj-Abu Road - Patch doubling (25.36 km) Doubling 25.36
21. Southern Railway Attipattu - Korukkupet 3rd Line Doubling 18
22. Southern Railway Pattabiram - Tiruvallur 4th Line &Tiruvallur - Arakkonam 3rd Line Doubling 41.89
23. Southern Railway Tiruvallur - Arakkonam 4th Line Doubling 28
24. Southern Railway Villipuram-Dindigul Doubling Doubling 273
25. Southern Railway Thanjavur-Ponmalai - Doubling Doubling 46.96
26. South Central Railway Pullampet - BalapallePh I of Gooty - Renigunta Doubling Doubling 41
27. South Central Railway Krishnapatnam - Venkatachalam Doubling with RE Doubling 16.5
28. South Central Railway Gooty - Renigunta Patch Doubling Doubling 151
29. South Central Railway Raichur - Guntakal Doubling Doubling 81.0
30. South Central Railway Guntur-Tenali-Doubling with electrification (24.38 km) Doubling 25
31. South Eastern Railway Tikiapara - Santragachi Doubling Doubling 5.6
32. South Eastern Railway Panskura - Kharagpur 3rd Line Doubling 45
33. South Eastern Railway Panskura - HaldiaPh 1 Doubling Doubling 14
34. South Eastern Railway Rajgoda - Tamluk (Jn. Cabin) Doubling Doubling 13.5
35. South Eastern Railway Tamluk Jn. Cabin – BasulyaSutahata Doubling Doubling 24.23
36. South Eastern Railway Goelkera-Monoharpur 3rd line (40 km) Doubling 27.5
37. South East Central Railway Bilaspur - Urkura 3rd Line Doubling Doubling 105
38. South East Central Railway Salka Road- Khongsara Patch Doubling Doubling 26
39. South East Central Railway Khodri-Anuppur, with Flyover at Bilaspur (61.6 km) Doubling 61.6
40. South Western Railway Hospet - Guntakal Doubling Doubling 115
41. West Central Railway Bhopal-Bina - 3rd line (143 km) Doubling 144.3
42. West Central Railway Itarsi-Budni - 3rd line (25.090 km) Doubling 25.09
43. North Western Railway Delhi - Rewari Gauge Conversion GC 94.2
44. North Western Railway Ajmer - Phulera - Ringus - Rewari Gauge Conversion GC 295
45. North Western Railway Bhildi - Samdari Gauge Conversion GC 223
46. Southern Railway Thanjavur - Villupuram Gauge Conversion GC 192
47. Southern Railway Cuddalore - Salem Gauge Conversion GC 193
48. South Western Railway Arasikere-Hassan-Mangalore Gauge Conversion GC 230
49. Western Railway Bharuch - Samni - Dahej Gauge Conversion GC 62
50. Western Railway Gandhidham - Palanpur Gauge Conversion GC 301
51. East Coast Railway Daitari - Banspani New Line NL 155
52. East Coast Railway Haridaspur-Paradeep (82 km) New Line 82
53. South Central Railway Obulavaripalle- Krishnapattnam (113 km) New Line 121
54. Southern Railway Vallarpadam - Idapally New Line NL 9
55. Railway Electrification Tomka -Banspani – RE RE 144
56. Railway Electrification Kharagpur (Nimpura) - Bhubaneswar Including Branch Line of Talcher - Cuttack - Paradeep RE 581
57. Railway Electrification Bhubaneswar - Kottavalasa RE 417
58. Railway Electrification Daund-Manmad Incl. Puntamba- Shirdi - RE RE 255
59. Railway Electrification Reningunta - Guntakal RE RE 308
60. Railway Electrification Yelahanka - Dharmavaram - Gooty RE RE 306
61. Railway Electrification Bharuch - Samni - Dahej RE RE 64
62. Railway Electrification Manheru- Hissar RE RE 74
63. Railway Electrification Jakhal - Hisar (79 km) RE 80.0
64. Railway Electrification Chhapra-Ballia-Ghazipur-Varanasi-Allahabad RE (330 rkm) RE 330
65. Railway Electrification Guntakal-Kalluru RE (40 rkm) RE 40
66. Railway Electrification Utretia - Rae Bareli - Amethi - Janghai RE (214 rkm) RE 214
67. Railway Electrification Daund-Baramati (44 rkm) RE 44
68. Railway Electrification Amla-Chhindwara-Kalumna RE 257
69. Railway Electrification Raipur-Titlagarh (203 rkm) {Part of Vizianagaram - Rayagada - Titlagarh - Raipur (465 rkm)} RE 203
70. Railway Electrification Rajpura - Dhuri - LehraMohabat (151 km) RE 151
71. Railway Electrification Guntakal - Bellary - Hospet incl. Tornagallu - Ranjitpura Branch Line (138 rkm) RE 138
72. Railway Electrification Wani- Pimpalkutti RE (66 rkm) RE 66
73. Railway Electrification Manoharabad- Medchal (14 km) RE 14
74. Railway Electrification Yalahanka-Penukonda (120.55 km)-Doubling RE -
75. Eastern Railway Civil Engineering Works in Connection with Diesel Loco Component Factory, Dankuni WKSP -
76. Eastern Railway Dankuni - Setting Up of Electric Loco Assembly and Ancillary Unit of CLW WKSP -
77. East Central Railway Barauni - 250 High Horse Power Loco Shed WKSP -
78. East Coast Railway Vadlapudi- Wagon PoH Workshop of 200 Nos Capacity Near Duvvada Station WKSP -
79. South Eastern Railway Setting Up of Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) Manufacturing Factory at Sankrail/ Haldia WKSP -
80. DLW Varanasi - Augmentation of Production Capacity from 200 To 250 High HP Locos Per Year WKSP -
81. North Eastern Railway Aunrihar - DEMU Shed WKSP
82. South Central Railway Workshop for Manufacture of Flat Bogies for LHB Design Coaches, Yadgir WKSP -
83. Eastern Railway Barddhaman Yard - 4-lane road over bridge in lieu of 2-lane road over bridge No. 213 ROB -
84. Southern Railway Srirangam-Tiruchchirapalli Town - 4-lane road over bridge in lieu of 2- lane bridge No.380-A ROB -
85. North Western Railway IOC Siding at Salawas (Deposit Work) Others 2.82
86. South Central Railway Secunderabad- Upgradation of facilities at Centralised Training Academy for Railway Accounts TRG -
87. South Central Railway Moula Ali - Setting Up of Indian Railway Institute of Finance Management TRG -
88. North Western Railway Madar - Palanpur - Removing of PSR (Kms 589/1 to 590/1) Track Renewal -
89. North Central Railway Jhansi-Garhmau, Orai-Ata, Ata-Kalpi&Pokhrayan- Lalpur - Splitting of longer block sections TF -
90. North Central Railway Paman-Bhimsen - New B-class station TF -
91. Western Railway Sabarmati-Botad-subways in lieu of level crossing-23 Nos. RSW -
92. Western Railway Sabarmati-Botad-Subways in lieu of LCs-14 Nos. RSW -


Projects Under ImplementationEdit

These are projects under various stages of implementation by RVNL:

S. No. Railway Name of Project Plan Head
1. CR &  


Daund-Gulbarga - Doubling (224.9 km) and Pune-Guntakal -Electrification  (641.37 km) Doubling
2. ER Nabadwipghat-Nabadwipdham up to BB loop (9.58 km) {Part of  Kalinarayanpur-Krishnanagar with Krishnanagar-Shantipur Nabadwipghat GC, Krishnanagar-Chartala, MM for Krishnanagar Chapra-NL, Naihati Ranaghat-3rd line, Nabadwipghat-Nabadwipdham up to BB loop (9.58 km),  Ranaghat-Lalgola strengthening (bridge No.2)} Doubling
3. ECR Patratu-Sonnagar 3rd Line Doubling
4. ECoR Sambalpur-Titlagarh (182 km) Doubling
5. ECoR Raipur-Titlagarh (203 km), incl new line Mandir Hasaud-Naya Raipur (20  km) and new MM for conversion of Raipur (Kendri)-Dhamtari & Abhanpur Rajim branch (67.20 km) Doubling
6. ECoR Banspani-Daitari-Tomka-Jakhapura (180 km) Doubling
7. ECoR Vizianagaram-Sambhalpur (Titlagarh) 3rd line Doubling
8. NR Utraitia-Raebareli (65.6 km) Doubling
9. NR Raebareli-Amethi (60.1 km) Doubling
10. NR Rajpura-Bhatinda Doubling with Electrification (172.64 km) Doubling
11. NR Janghai-Phaphamau DL with RE (46.79 km) Doubling
12. NCR Bhimsen-Jhansi (206 km) with RE Doubling
13. NCR Mathura-Jhansi 3rd line Doubling
14. NER Varanasi-Madhosingh-Allahabad Doubling
15. NER Bhatni - Aunrihar with electrification (125 km) (excl Indara - Mau (116.95  km)) Doubling
16. NER Phephna-Indara, Mau-Shahganj (excl. Indara-Mau) (150.28 km) DL Doubling
17. NWR Sarotra Road-Karjoda - Patch doubling (23.59 km) Doubling
18. SR Madurai-Maniyachi-Tuticorin Doubling with RE (159 km) Doubling
19. SR Maniyachi - Nagarcoil Doubling with RE (102 km) Doubling
20. SCR Vijaywada-Gudivada- Bhimavaram-Narasapur, Gudivada-Machlipatnam  and Bhimavaram-Nidadavolu (221 km) - Doubling with electrification Doubling
21. SCR Secunderabad (Falaknuma)-Mehbubnagar doubling Doubling
22. SCR Vijayawada-Gudur 3rd line Doubling
23. SER Kharagpur (Nimpura)-Adityapur 3rd line (132 km) Doubling
24. SWR Hospet-Hubli-Londa-Tinaighat-Vasco da Gama (352.28 km) Doubling
25. WR Palanpur-Samakhiali (274.73 km) Doubling
26. WCR Bina-Kota (282.66 km) with RE Doubling
27. WCR Barkhera-Habibganj - 3rd line (41.420 km) Doubling
28. WCR Budni-Barkhera - 3rd line (33 km) Doubling
29. NER Lucknow-Pilibhit via Sitapur, Lakhimpur (262.76 km) Gauge  


30. WR Ahmedabad-Botad (170.48 km) Gauge  


31. WR Dhasa-Jetalsar (104.44 km) Gauge  


32. CR Dighi Port-Roha (33.76 km) New Line
33. CR Yevatmal- Nanded (206 km) NL New Line
34. ECR Fatuah-Islampur incl. material modification for extension of new line from  Neora to Daniawan; Daniawan to Biharsharif; Biharsharif to Barbigha;  Barbigha to Sheikhpura New Line
35. ER Dankuni-Furfura Sharif NL {Part of Liluah-Dankuni - 3rd line (10.13 km) with  extension to Furfura Sharif} New Line
36. ECoR Angul-Sukinda Road (98.7 km) New Line
37. NR Rishikesh-Karnaprayag (125.09 km) New Line
38. NR Bhanupalli-Bilaspur-Beri (63.1 km) New Line
39. NER Mau-Ghazipur-Tarighat New Line New Line
40. SECR Dallirajhara-Rowghat (90 km) {Part of Dallirajhara-Jagdalpur (235 km)} New Line
41. WCR Indore-Jabalpur (342 km) NL sanctioned as Budhni-Indore (205 km) New Line
42. RE Raninagar Jalpaigudi-New Bongaigaon - Guwahati (Incl) RE (382 rkm)  (Part of Barauni - Katihar - Guwahati Incl. Katihar - Barsoi (836 km) RE) RE
43. RE Rani-Palanpur 166 rkm {Part of Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Rewari - Palanpur - Ahmedabad, incl. Kalol - Gandhinagar-Khodiyar and Alwar-Bandikui Jaipur-Phulera (1087km)} RE
44. RE Hospet - Hubli - Vasco da Gama (346 rkm) RE
45. RE Kasganj-Bareilly-Bhojipura-Daliganj RE RE
46. RE Villupuram-Cuddalore Port-Mayiladuturai- Thanjavur & Mayiladuturai Thiruvarur RE RE
47. RE Chikjajur-Bellary RE RE
48. RE Bengaluru-Omalur Via Hosur RE RE
49. RE Guna-Gwalior RE RE
50. RE Utratia-Raebareli-Amethi 2nd line RE RE
51. RE Raebareli-Unchahar RE including Dalmau-Daryapur Section (63 rkm/70  tkm) of NR RE
52. RE RE of Sambalpur-Titlagarh Doubling project (96.596 km) RE
53. CR Latur- Setting up of coach manufacturing factory WKSP
54. ER Ranaghat (EMU Car Shed)-Inspection bay for 15 coach maintenance  facilities WKSP
55. ER Jheel Siding Coaching Depot- Infrastructure development WKSP
56. NER Saidpur Bhitri- Setting up of Electric Loco Shed to home 200 Locos WKSP
57. NCR Kanpur-Construction of Memu Car Shed WKSP
58. NCR Setting up of coach periodic overhauling and rehabilitation workshop at  Jhansi WKSP
59. NER Provision of Tower wagon POH shed at Dullahapur yard of NER, BSB WKSP
60. NR Setting up of coach periodic overhauling and rehabilitation workshop at  Sonipat WKSP
61. SCR Kazipet - Workshop for Wagon Periodical Overhauling WKSP
62. WR Vadodara - Setting up of New PoH Shop for Electrical Locos WKSP
63. ER Samudragarh-Nabadwipdham - Road over bridge in lieu of level crossing  No.14 RSW
64. WR Dhasa-Jetalsar-Subways in lieu of Level Crossing-35 Nos. RSW
65. SCR New Crossing Station Between Umdanagar-Timmarpur Stations of  Secunderabad-Mahabubnagar Section TFC
66. SR Manamadurai-Rameswaram - Repl of Full Scherzer Lift Span (Bridge No.  346) (Pamban Viaduct) BRGW
67. NER Daraganj - Rebuilding (Bridge No.111 On Ganga) BRGW
68. NER Setting Up of Centralised Training Institute For IRSME & IRSS Officers at  Lucknow TRG
69. SECR Direct Power Supply from Central Generating Agencies OEW
70. WCR Provision of Addl. Traction Substation at Budhni TRD
71. SCR Lallaguda (Carriage Workshop)- Replacement of 100 Year Old  Administrative Building OSW
72. SCR Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) - Phase-II in Hyderabad MTP
73. SCR Ghatkesar-Raigir (Yadadri)-Extension of multi modal transportation system  Phase-II MTP
74. MET Baranagar-Barrackpore - Construction of Metro Railway  (14.5 km) MTP
75. MET Kolkata Airport-New Garia via Rajarhat - Construction of Metro Railway  (~30 km) MTP
76. MET Noapara (Ex.)-Baranagar (2.6 km) {Part of Dumdum-Baranagar Metro  Railway sanctioned as MM to Dumdum-New Garia Metro Railway vide  letter No. 96/Proj/C/5/1/Pt. Dated 30.10.09} MTP
77. MET Joka-Esplanade via Majerhat - Construction of Metro railway  (16.72 km) incl material modification for extension from Joka to Diamond Park  (Phase-I) MTP
78. NR Final Location Survey For New Line Connectivity To Char Dham (327 km) FLS

The list of 10 projects assigned to RVNL in 2019-20 and under execution is as under:



Railway Name of Project Plan Head
1. NR Lucknow (IRITM) - Upgradation of training facilities (construction of  80-seater classroom, 60-seater conference room & VVIP rest  houses) TRG
2. NR Construction of 330 seater Auditorium at IRITM TRG
3. WR National Rail & Transportation Institute at Vadodra (NAIR) TRG
4. WR Construction of hostels in centralised training institutes (Umbrella  Work 2019-20) TRG
5. ECoR EMU Car Shed (Phase-II) at Khurda Road WSKP
6. SWR New Station Building at Belguam OSW
7. SWR Second Entry Station Building at Belguam OSW
8. SWR Proposed Coaching Depot at Belgaum OSW
9. SWR Yard Remodelling Works at Belgaum OSW
10. CORE RE of NTPC siding at Hotgi Station (37 km) RE

Special Purpose VehiclesEdit

Kutch Railway Company LtdEdit

RVNL owns 50% equity in this project. The project length is 301 km and is for gauge conversion of Palanpur-Gandhidham section. Currently RVNL is doubling Samakhiali-Palanpur (248 km) anticipating increased traffic flow from Mundra and Deendayal Ports.

Bharuch Dahej Railway Co LtdEdit

RVNL is the largest stakeholder in this SPV with 35.46% equity. The project length is 63km and is for gauge conversion. The turnover in the year 2019-20 was Rs 28.40cr.

Krishnapatnam Railway Co LtdEdit

RVNL is the largest stakeholder in this SPV with 49.76% equity. The project length is 113.2 km and is for construction of new line from Obulaparivalli to Krishnapatnam port. Complete connectivity was provided in June 2019. Turnover in 2019-20 was Rs 202.29 cr.

Haridaspur Paradip Railway Co LtdEdit

RVNL is the largest equity shareholder with 28.57%. This SPV is for a new 82km line from Haridaspur to Paradip Port. This has recently been completed.

Angul Sukinda Railway Co LtdEdit

RVNL is the largest stakeholder in this SPV with 31.50% equity. This is for a new 102.42 km railway line from Angul-Sukinda. This line is still under construction.

Digi Roha Rail LtdEdit

RVNL is the second largest equity holder of this SPV with 26% equity, the largest being Dighi Port. This is for the construction of a new 34 km railway line from Roha to Dighi Port in Maharashtra.

New SPVs under formationEdit

Indian Port Rail Corporation Limited (IRPCL)Edit

RVNL is participating in the formation of IRPCL. This is a SPV under the Ministry of Shipping, with the stakeholders being RVNL and 12 major ports. The initial authorised capital of the SPV is Rs 500 crore with RVNL's equity participation being Rs 10 crore only or 10% of the initial subscribed share capital.

The mandate of the SPV is to enhance rail connectivity to the various Ports in the country. This includes maintenance of Port Railways along with up-gradation, modernisation and capacity augmentation as and when required.

Rail connectivity to Rewas Port in MaharashtaraEdit

RVNL began as an organisation for executing various projects of railway engineering, to meet the shortfall of rail infrastructure that the existing system of that time could not fulfil. It was important to think out of the box and find a solution as eventually the price would be heavy with respect to the curtailment of opportunities and options available to a developing nation.

From beginning with railway capacity augmentation through track doubling, new railway lines, gauge conversion, railway electrification, RVNL has moved onto working on metro railways, multimodal transport system, port connectivity, turnkey projects i.e. workshops, training institutes, green buildings, high speed rail projects, cable stayed bridges, river and road bridges, vertical lift bridge, mountain Railways and tunnels.

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