Ram Gabale


Ram Gabale (died January 9, 2009) was an Indian filmmaker.[1] He is well known for a number of cinematic works including social documentaries, children's films, and television serials.[2] He started directing films in 1947. Gabale worked with critically acclaimed artists including film director Vankudre Shantaram, Marathi writer P.L. Deshpande, and British actor and filmmaker Richard Attenborough. Gabale, originally from Kolhapur in Maharashtra, moved to Mumbai and worked with the Rajkamal Studios. He soon obtained a break as a director at the Prabhat Studios in Pune. At Prabhat Studios, he directed his first movie Vande Mataram (1948) starring P.L. Deshpande and his wife Sunita, when he was 24 years old.

Ram Gabale
Ram Narayan Gabale

DiedJanuary 9, 2009
Pune, India
Known forSocial documentaries
Spouse(s)Meera Gabale
ChildrenDevdatta Gabale and Rekha Kulkarni

Prior to that, Ram Gabale worked as an assistant director to well-known directors including Master Vinayak and V. Shantaram. His works included films like Mothi Manse, Dev Pavla, Dev Bappa, Chota Jawan, and Dharti-Akash. He also assisted the late P.L. Deshpande as a director on the popular television serial Batatyachi Chaal.

Gabale was a creative director who explored social themes that were hitherto unexplored during his time including one on working women called Postatil Mulgi as well a number of social documentaries exploring the socioeconomic spectrum of post-colonial India. Many of his films went on to win awards at the national and international level including a Mahrashtra state award for a documentary on Maharshi Karve, the Prime Minister's Gold Medal for children's film Phool aur Kaliyan, the Leipzig International Film Festival for Kale-Gore, and the Venice Film Festival for Jaldeep. Ram Gabale also was the recipient of a special recognition from India Gandhi for his film Shatayu Kesari.

He held positions at prominent Indian cinematic institutions including the vice-principal at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) as well as Film City in Goregaon and Films Division in Mumbai.

His son, Devdatta Gabale M.D., F.R.C.S. is a Urologic Surgeon in the United States, and his daughter, Rekha Kulkarnia, M.B.B.S., is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist in India.



  • Vande Mataram (1948)
  • Postatil Mulgi (1954)
  • Maharshi Karve (documentary)
  • Phool aur Kaliyan (1960) (children's film)
  • Kale-Gore
  • Jaldeep
  • Shatayu Kesari

Assistant directorEdit

  • Mothi Manse (1949)
  • Dev Pavla (1950)
  • Dev Bappa
  • Chota Jawan
  • Dharti-Akash
  • Batatyachi Chaal (television serial)


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