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Ranger Engines
FounderHarold Caminez
United Staets
Fairchild L-440 air-cooled, six-cylinder, inverted, in-line engine used in Fairchild PT-19
A preserved Ranger V-770

The Ranger Engines Division (also Ranger Aircraft Engine Division) of the Fairchild Engine & Aircraft Corporation was an American aircraft engine company. It was known as the Fairchild Engine Division after World War II.


The Fairchild-Caminez Engine Corporation was founded in 1925 to produce Harold Caminez's 447 engine.[1] In 1928, it constructed a factory in Farmingdale, New York.[2] The American Airplane & Engine Corporation was founded by the Aviation Corporation in 1931 to continue manufacturing of Ranger engines.[3]


Model name Configuration Power
Fairchild-Caminez Model 447 X4 120 hp[4]
Fairchild 6-370A I6 120 hp[4]
Ranger 6-390B 120 hp[4]
Ranger 6-410B 165 hp[4]
Ranger L-440 I6 175 hp
Ranger V-770 V12 520 hp
XH-1850 1,500 hp[4]
Fairchild J44 Turbojet 1,000 lbf
Fairchild J83 Turbojet 2,450 lbf

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