Ranks and insignia of NATO armies officers


Commissioned officers' rank comparison chart of all land forces of NATO member states.

Officers (OF 1–10)

NATO code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
  Albanian Land Force[1]
Gjeneral lejtant Gjeneral major Gjeneral brigade Kolonel Nënkolonel Major Kapiten Toger Nëntoger

  Belgian Land Component[2]
Generaal Luitenant-generaal Generaal-majoor Brigadegeneraal Kolonel Luitenant-kolonel Majoor Kapitein-commandant Kapitein Luitenant Onderluitenant
Général Lieutenant général Général-major Général de Brigade Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Major Capitaine-commandant Capitaine Lieutenant Sous-lieutenant
General Generalleutnant Generalmajor Brigadegeneral Oberst Oberstleutnant Major Stabshauptmann Hauptmann Leutnant Unterleutnant
  Bulgarian Land Forces[3]
Бригаден генерал
Brigaden general
Старши лейтенант
Starshi leytenant

  Canadian Army[4][5]
General Lieutenant-general Major-general Brigadier-general Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Second lieutenant Officer cadet
Général(e) Lieutenant(e)-général(e) Major(e)-général(e) Brigadier(ère)-général(e) Colonel(le) Lieutenant(e)-colonel(le) Major(e) Capitaine Lieutenant(e) Sous-lieutenant(e) Élève-officier(ère)
  Croatian Army[6]
Stožerni general General zbora General pukovnik General bojnik Brigadni general Brigadir Pukovnik Bojnik Satnik Natporučnik Poručnik

  Czech Land Forces[7]
Armádní generál Generálporučík Generálmajor Brigádní generál Plukovník Podplukovník Major Kapitán Nadporučík Poručík

  Royal Danish Army[8]
General Generalløjtnant Generalmajor Brigadegeneral Oberst Oberstløjtnant Major Kaptajn Premierløjtnant Løjtnant Sekondløjtnant Sergent
  Estonian Land Forces[9]
Kindral Kindralleitnant Kindralmajor Brigaadikindral Kolonel Kolonelleitnant Major Kapten Leitnant Nooremleitnant Lipnik
NATO code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
  Finnish Army[10]
Kenraali Kenraaliluutnantti Kenraalimajuri Prikaatikenraali Eversti Everstiluutnantti Majuri Kapteeni Yliluutnantti Luutnantti Vänrikki Upseerikokelas Upseerioppilas
General Generallöjtnant Generalmajor Brigadgeneral Överste Överstelöjtnant Major Kapten Premiärlöjtnant Löjtnant Fänrik Officersaspirant Officerselev

  French Army[11]
Maréchal de France Général d'armée Général de corps d'armée Général de division Général de brigade Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Commandant Capitaine Lieutenant Sous-lieutenant Aspirant Élève-officier

  German Army[12]
                            Enlisted rank plus bottom thin silver
cord indicating cadet's career
General General­leutnant General­major Brigade­general Oberst Oberst­leutnant Major Stabs­haupt­mann Haupt­mann Ober­leut­nant Leut­nant Ober­fähn­rich Fähn­rich Fahnen­junker

  Hellenic Army[13]
Δόκιμος Έφεδρος Αξιωματικός
Dokimos efedros aksio­matikos

  Hungarian Ground Forces[14]
Vezérezredes Altábornagy Vezérőrnagy Dandártábornok Ezredes Alezredes Őrnagy Százados Főhadnagy Hadnagy
  Iceland Crisis Response Unit
Ofursti Undirofursti Majór Höfuðsmaður Liðsforingi Undirliðsforingi

  Italian Army[15]
Generale Generale di Corpo d'Armata con Incarichi Speciali Generale di Corpo d'Armata
(Tenente Generale)
Generale di Divisione
(Maggior Generale)
Generale di Brigata
(Brigadier Generale)
Colonnello Tenente Colonnello Maggiore Primo capitano Capitano Tenente Sottotenente Allievo Ufficiale

  Latvian Land Forces[16]
Ģenerāl­leitnants Ģenerāl­majors Brigādes ģenerālis Pulkvedis Pulkvež­leitnants Majors Kapteinis Virs­leitnants Leitnants Kadets
NATO code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
  Lithuanian Land Force[17]
Generolas Generolas leitenantas Generolas majoras Brigados generolas Pulkininkas Pulkininkas leitenantas Majoras Kapitonas Vyresnysis leitenantas Leitenantas Kariūnas

  Luxembourg Army[18]
Général Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Major Capitaine Lieutenant en premier Lieutenant Aspirant-officier

  Montenegrin Ground Army[19]
General pukovnik General potpukovnik General major Brigadir general Pukovnik Potpukovnik Major Kapetan Poručnik Potporučnik

  North Macedonia Ground Forces[20]
Генерал потполковник
General potpolkovnik
Генерал мајор
General major
Бригаден генерал
Brigaden general

  Royal Netherlands Army[21]
Generaal Luitenant-generaal Generaal-majoor Brigadegeneraal Kolonel Luitenant-kolonel Majoor Kapitein/
Eerste luitenant Tweede luitenant

  Norwegian Army[22]
General Generalløytnant Generalmajor Brigader Oberst Oberstløytnant Major Kaptein/
Løytnant Fenrik
  Polish Land Forces[23]
Marszałek Polski Generał Generał broni Generał dywizji Generał brygady Pułkownik Podpułkownik Major Kapitan Porucznik Podporucznik Podchorąży

  Portuguese Army[24]
Marechal do Exército General Tenente-general Major-general Brigadeiro-general Coronel-tirocinado
Coronel Tenente-coronel Major Capitão Tenente Alferes

NATO code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
  Romanian Land Forces[25]
Mareșal General General-locotenent General-maior General de brigadă Colonel Locotenent-colonel Maior Căpitan Locotenent Sublocotenent

  Slovak Ground Forces[26]
Generál Generálporučík[b] Generálmajor Brigádny generál Plukovník Podplukovník Major Kapitán Nadporučík Poručík

  Slovenian Ground Force[27]
General polkovnik Generalpodpolkovnik Generalmajor Brigadni general Polkovnik Podpolkovnik Major Stotnik Nadporočnik Poročnik

  Spanish Army[28]
Capitán general General de ejército Teniente general General de división General de brigada Coronel Teniente coronel Comandante Capitán Teniente Alférez
  Swedish Army[29]
General Generallöjtnant Generalmajor Brigadgeneral Överste Överstelöjtnant Major Kapten Löjtnant Fänrik
  Turkish Land Forces[30]
Mareşal Genelkurmay başkanı Orgeneral Korgeneral Tümgeneral Tuğgeneral Albay Yarbay Binbaşı Yüzbaşı Üsteğmen Teğmen Asteğmen Harbiyeli

  British Army[31]
Field marshal General Lieutenant-general Major-general Brigadier Colonel Lieutenant colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Second lieutenant Officer cadet

  United States Army[32]
General of the Army General Lieutenant general Major general Brigadier general Colonel Lieutenant colonel Major Captain First lieutenant Second lieutenant Cadet / Officer candidate

NATO code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer

Warrant officers (WO1–5)


Warrant officers (WOs) and chief warrant officers (CWOs) in the US military rank below officers but above officer candidates and enlisted servicemen. The first warrant officer rank, WO1 does not have a "commission" associated with it, instead having a "warrant" from the secretary of the army. Warrant officers are allowed the same courtesies as a commissioned officer, but may have some restrictions on their duties that are reserved for commissioned officers. Warrant officers usually receive a commission once they are promoted to chief warrant officer 2 (CW2/CWO2). WO1s may be appointed by commission as stated in title 10 USC.

NATO rank WO-5 WO-4 WO-3 WO-2 WO-1
  United States Army
Chief warrant officer 5 Chief warrant officer 4 Chief warrant officer 3 Chief warrant officer 2 Warrant officer 1

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  1. ^ Colonel who has completed the General Officer training course. Between 1929 and 1937, the Coronel-tirocinado was called Brigadeiro.
  2. ^ The appropriate branch of service badge is pinned just under the top button of the for all ranks excluding full General.
  3. ^ Student officer insignia designates school grade rather than military seniority.


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