B Line
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King County Metro Rapid Ride New Flyer DE60LFR 6024.JPG
RapidRide bus leaving Bellevue Transit Center
OperatorKing County Metro
GarageEast Base
VehicleNew Flyer articulated buses
Began serviceOctober 1, 2011
PredecessorsRoute 230, 253
LocaleKing County
Communities servedRedmond, Overlake, Bellevue
StartRedmond Transit Center
ViaNE 90th St
148th Ave NE
NE 40th St
156th Ave NE
NE 8th St
EndBellevue Transit Center
Length10 miles (16 km)
FrequencyPeak: 10 minutes
Off-peak: 15 minutes
Early morning & night: 30 minutes
Weekend frequency15 minutes (most times)
Journey time50 minutes
OperatesWeekdays: 4:21 am-12:25 am
Weekends: 6:00 am-12:25 am
Ridership6,600 (weekday average, spring 2015)[1]
TimetableB Line timetable
MapB Line map
Route diagram

Redmond Transit Center
NE 85th St
160th Ave NE & NE 90th St
154th Ave NE
NE 87th St
NE Redmond Wy
NE Old Redmond Rd
NE 51st St
NE 46th St
NE 40th St
152nd Ave NE
Overlake Transit Center
NE 31st St
Overlake Park & Ride
Bel-Red Rd
NE 24th St
NE 15th St
NE 10th St
148th Ave NE
143rd Ave NE
140th Ave NE
134th Ave NE
124th Ave NE
116th Ave NE
Bellevue Transit Center
northbound only stop
southbound only stop
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The B Line is one of six RapidRide lines (routes with some bus rapid transit features) operated by King County Metro in King County, Washington. The B Line began service on October 1, 2011,[2] running between downtown Redmond, Overlake and downtown Bellevue. The line runs mainly via NE 8th Street, 156th Avenue NE, NE 40th Street and 148th Avenue NE.[3] Unlike most of the RapidRide lines, the B Line does not offer scheduled service during late-night and early morning hours.


This corridor was previously served Metro routes 230 and 253[3] which carried a combined average of 5,070 riders on weekdays during the last month in service.[4] Since the implementation of RapidRide on the corridor, ridership has grown 30 percent and the B Line served an average of 6,600 riders on weekdays in spring 2015.[1]


Time Monday-Friday Weekend/Holidays
4:21 am – 6:00 am 15-30 No Service
6:00 am – 9:00 am 10 15
9:00 am – 3:00 pm 15 15
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm 10 15
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm 15 15
10:00 pm – 12:25 am 30 30
12:25 am – 4:21 am No Service No Service

All times are estimated headways.


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