Reza Khoshnazar


Reza Khoshbin-e Khoshnazar (Persian: رضا خوش‌بين خوش‌نظر‎) is an Iranian novelist who published his first novel, The Gods Laugh on Mondays in 1995 when he was in his twenties.[1] The reaction was hot and some conservative papers accused him of writing blasphemy[2][3] and some zealots compared him with Salman Rushdie.[4] Eventually, men came in the night and torched his publisher book shop, Morghe-Amin Publication House, in Tehran.[5][6][7][8]

Author Khoshnazar has published three other novels in Sweden by Ferdosi Publication House entitled: The Prophet with the Head like a Squash in the Shadow of Dead Clock (in Persian:پيغمبر كلّه كدو زير ساعت مرده Payghambar-i kallih kadū zīr-i sāʻat-i murdih ), The End of Owl (in Persian:آخر جغد Ākhir-i Jughd), tetraktus, the Damn Four (in Persian :تتراكتوس، چهار لعنتي Titrāktūs Chahār La‘natī)



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