Rice Strait


Rice Strait is a narrow waterway between Ellesmere Island's eastern coast and Pim Island in northern Canada's territory of Nunavut. It connects Rosse Bay on the south with Buchanan Bay to the north.[1]

The strait is named after Sergeant George W. Rice (born 29 June 1855 in Baddeck, Nova Scotia), who was the photographer on Adolphus Greely's ill-fated Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, and also a correspondent with the New York Herald. He was the only Canadian on this United States Army Signal Corps sponsored expedition to the Arctic. Rice died on 9 April 1884, before the expedition's rescue.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 78°43′N 074°43′W / 78.717°N 74.717°W / 78.717; -74.717 (Rice Strait)