Rietveld (software)


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Original author(s)Guido van Rossum
Stable release
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Written inPython, Django
Operating systemGoogle App Engine
Available inEnglish
TypeCode review
LicenseApache License v2

Rietveld is a web-based collaborative code review tool for Subversion written by Guido van Rossum to run on Google's cloud service. Van Rossum based Rietveld on the experience he had writing Mondrian. Mondrian was a proprietary application used internally by Google to review their code.

Gerrit is a fork of Rietveld started because ACL patches would not get integrated into Rietveld.

Rietveld was named by its author Guido van Rossum after Gerrit Rietveld, who was "one of [Rossum's] favorite Dutch architects and the designer of the Zig-Zag chair."[1]

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  1. ^ Guido van Rossum (May 2008). "An Open Source App: Rietveld Code Review Tool". Archived from the original on 17 October 2015. To stick with the naming theme, I gave this new web app the code name Rietveld, after Gerrit Rietveld, one of my favorite Dutch architects and the designer of the Zig-Zag chair. However, because most English speakers have trouble spelling his name correctly, the "live" web app is known simply as https://codereview.appspot.com.

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