Roaring Creek Station


Roaring Creek Earth Station is a satellite ground station operated by AT&T and located approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) south of Catawissa, Pennsylvania at 311 Earth Station Rd, Catawissa, PA 17820.[1] The facility includes three 150-foot (46 m) dishes that handle much of the communications between the United States and Europe and the Middle East.[2][3] According to James Bamford, the National Security Agency uses the facility to capture and monitor satellite telecommunications traveling in and out of the United States.[4]

Roaring Creek Station opened in June 1984 under the co-ownership of COMSAT (50 percent), AT&T (47.5 percent), RCA and Western Union (2.5 percent), with COMSAT operating the facility.[5][6][7][8] COMSAT sold its stake in the station and two others to AT&T for $55 million in January 1988.[7][8]

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Coordinates: 40°53′35″N 76°26′24″W / 40.893°N 76.440°W / 40.893; -76.440