Robyn Carston


Robyn Anne Carston, FBA is a linguist and academic, who specialises in pragmatics, semantics, and the philosophy of language. Since 2005, she has been Professor of Linguistics at University College London.[1][2][3]


Robyn Carston

NationalityNew Zealand and British
TitleProfessor of Linguistics
Academic background
Alma materUniversity of Canterbury
Victoria University of Wellington
University College London
ThesisPragmatics and the explicit/implicit distinction (1994)
Doctoral advisorDeirdre Wilson
Academic work
Philosophy of language

Early life and educationEdit

Carston was born in New Zealand.[2] She studied English literature at the University of Canterbury, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) 1975.[3] She then studied for an honours degree in linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington, graduating with a BA (Hons) degree in 1976.[3] She moved to England to study at University College London (UCL), graduating with a Master of Arts (MA) with Distinction in Phonetics and Linguistics in 1980.[3] She remained at UCL to undertake postgraduate research under the supervision of Deirdre Wilson.[2][3] and got her first job as a lecturer there in 1983. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in 1994.[3] Her doctoral thesis was titled "Pragmatics and the explicit/implicit distinction".[4]

Academic careerEdit

Carston has taught linguistics at University College London since 1983.[1][5] Since January 1999, she has been an editor of the peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal Mind & Language.[3][6] In January 2005, she was appointed Professor of Linguistics.[3] From 2007 to 2017, she was additionally a senior researcher at the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo.[3][5] Since August 2017, she has been President of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology.[3]


In July 2016, Carston was elected a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA), the UK's national academy for the humanities and the social sciences.[7][8]

Selected worksEdit

  • Carston, Robyn; Uchida, Seiji, eds. (1998). Relevance theory: applications and implications. Amsterdam: Benjamins. ISBN 978-1556193309.
  • Carston, Robyn (2002). Thoughts and utterances: the pragmatics of explicit communication. Oxford: Blackwell. ISBN 978-0631214885.


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