The House of Rossetti is an Italian noble, and Boyar Princely family appearing in the 14th-15th century, originating among the patrician families, during the Republic of Genoa, with branches of the family establishing themselves in the Kingdom of Austria, and France, and as boyars in Romania that gave Princes of Wallachia and Moldavia. The variants of the name are spelled Ruset, Rosset, Rossetti, of Byzantine and Italian origins.[1] There are several branches of the family named after their estates: Roznovanu, Solescu, Bălănescu, Răducanu, Ciortescu, Tescanu, and Bibica. The Rosetti family in Wallachia is another branch of the family who initially settled in Moldavia.[2] The origins of the Rossetti family suggest descent from the della Gherardesca family, a noble family of Germanic origins whose alliance with the Hohenstaufen Emperors had brought the family to prominence in Tuscany, and made them the leaders of the Ghibellines, who feuded against the Guelphs for political control during the Guelph and Ghibelline Wars between 1120s–1320s.

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Notable people with the surname Rossetti include (by year of birth):

  • Biagio Rossetti (c. 1447–1516), architect and urbanist from Ferrara, the first to use modern methods
  • Stefano Rossetti or Rossetto (fl. 1560–1580), Italian composer to the Medici
  • Lascaris Rosetti (1580-1646), high chancellor of the Patriarchate of Constantinople
    • Bella Rosetti (b. 1534-1594, d. 17th century) born Cantacuzino, wife of Lascaris Rosetti
    • Constantin Rosetti (1600–1688), son of Bella and Lascaris Rosetti
    • Prince Antoine Ruset Voda (ca. 1615-1685), son of Bella and Lascaris Rosetti
  • Carlo Rossetti (1614–1681), Italian cardinal, nobleman
  • Gabriele Rossetti (1783–1854), poet, scholar and Italian émigré to England, father of Dante Gabriel, Christina Georgina, William Michael, and Maria Francesca
  • Giuseppina Rossetti, mother of Lorenzo Respighi (1824–1889), Italian mathematician and natural philosopher
  • Constantin Rosetti (C. A. Rosetti; 1816–1885), Romanian literary, academia, and political leader, of noble Byzantine descent
  • Francesco Rossetti (1833–1885), Italian physicist
  • Raffaele Rossetti (1881–1951), Italian engineer and military naval officer who sank the main battleship of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War I. Politician of the Italian Republican Party.
  • Cezaro Rossetti (1901–1950), Scottish Esperanto writer
  • Gino Rossetti (1904–1992), Italian footballer
  • Reto Rossetti (1909–1994), British-based, officially Italian-Swiss poet and Esperantist professor, brother of Cezaro
  • Mario J. Rossetti (1935-2014), American jurist
  • Stephen Joseph Rossetti (born 1951), American Roman Catholic priest, author, lecturer and psychologist
  • Sergio Rossetti Morosini (1953– ), New York author, painter, sculptor and independent filmmaker, has recently sculpted the bust of Michelangelo on the façade of the National Arts Club in New York. First to observe that in 1511, Titian described the volume in a two-dimensional fresco painting, Miracle of the Jealous Husband, in the it:Scuola del Santo, Padua, Italy, by actually sculpting it in relief rather than describing it illusionistically.

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