The insignia used from 2006
Country Russia
Service branch Russian Ground Forces
 Russian Air Force
NATO rank codeOR-1
Non-NATO rankE-1
Next higher rankYefreytor
Next lower rankNone
Equivalent ranksMatros (Navy)
Ryadovoi and Officer of the Imperial Guard (1727-1730).[1]
Squad leader instructing a ryadovoy.

Ryadovoy (Russian: рядово́й, en: private) in the Army, Airborne troops, and Air Force of the Russian Federation is the designation of a member of the rank group of enlisted personnel. The rank is equivalent to matros (Russian: матрос) in the Russian Navy. In terms of the NATO rank-system the rank might be comparable to OR-1 in Anglophone armed forces.

The Imperial Russian Army used the designation ryadovoy before 1917. The word ryadovoy relates to the Russian ryad (Russian: ряд), which in a military context means "file" or "rank" (in the sense of "rank and file"). The rank re-appeared in the newly named Soviet Army in 1946,[2] replacing the rank of "Red Army man" (Russian: красноармеец, romanizedkrasnoarmeyets) used in the Red Army from 1918 to 1946.

In the armed forces of the Soviet Union (and later in those of the Russian Federation) yefreytor is the second-lowest rank of enlisted personnel. Using the NATO rank-system, the rank might be comparable to OR-4 in Anglophone armed forces.

Rank insignia armed forces of the Russian Federation (RF)


In the USSR Armed Forces the rank designation Ryadovoy was introduced in 1946.[3] From 1919 to 1946 the designation to this particular OR1 rank was Krasnoarmeyets (literal: Red Army man or Red Army Soldier).

— Krasnoarmeyets — — Ryadovoy —
RA I K0 1924v1.gif RA A-cav R1RA-Sol col 1943.jpg 1935-i-pg01v.png RA A R1RA-Sol col 1943.png Красноармеец ВВС до 1943г.png RA-SA A-inf R1Private 1955.png RA SA A R1Private 1955field.gif Rank insignia of рядовой of the Soviet Army.svg Rank insignia of рядовой of the Soviet Air Force.svg
collar insignia
shoulder board
shoulder board field (1946–1955) shoulder board
Motorized Rifle Troops Army
AB Troops, AF and ADF

Rank designation in other countries

In the countries below, spelling is similar and the classification to a separate rank group is equivalent.

Sequence of ranks
junior rank:

Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation.svg
senior rank:

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