S/2003 J 24


S/2003 J 24
Discovery dateFebruary 5, 2003 (announced 2021)
Orbital characteristics
23,088,000 km
Satellite ofJupiter
GroupCarme group
Physical characteristics
Mean diameter
3 km (est.)
Albedo0.04 (est.)

S/2003 J 24 (temporarily named EJc0061) is a moon of Jupiter, discovered by Scott S. Sheppard et al. in 2003. It was independently found by amateur astronomer Kai Ly, who reported it on June 30, 2021.[1][2] It was formally announced on 15 November 2021 in the MPEC.[3]

Ly had previously recovered four "lost" moons of Jupiter in 2020: S/2003 J 23, S/2003 J 12, S/2003 J 4, and S/2003 J 2.[4]

S/2003 J 24 orbits Jupiter at an average distance of 23,088,000 km (0.15433 AU) in 715.4 days, at an inclination of 162° to the ecliptic, in a retrograde direction and with an eccentricity of 0.25.

It belongs to the Carme group, made up of irregular retrograde moons orbiting Jupiter at a distance ranging between 23 and 24 Gm and at an inclination of about 165°.


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