S/2019 S 1


S/2019 S 1
Discovered byAshton et al.
Discovery date2019 (announced 2021)
Orbital characteristics[1]
11221100 km
443.78 days
Satellite ofSaturn
GroupInuit group[2]
Physical characteristics
Mean diameter

S/2019 S 1 is a natural satellite of Saturn. Its discovery was announced by Edward Ashton, Brett J. Gladman, Jean-Marc Petit, and Mike Alexandersen on 16 November 2021 from Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope observations taken between 1 July 2019 and 14 June 2021.[1]

S/2019 S 1 is about 5 kilometres in diameter, and orbits Saturn at an average distance of 11.2 million km (7.0 million mi) in 443.78 days, at an inclination of 44° to the ecliptic, in a prograde direction and with an eccentricity of 0.623.[1] It belongs to the Inuit group of prograde irregular satellites, and is among the innermost irregular satellites of Saturn.[2]


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