The S5.98M, also known as the 14D30, is a Russian rocket engine, currently powering the Briz upper stages.[2][5] It was designed by KB KhIMMASH, the famous Isaev designed bureau, and it burns UDMH and N2O4 in a gas-generator cycle.[1][3][6][7]

Country of originRussia
First flight1990-11-20
ManufacturerKB KhIMMASH
ApplicationUpper Stage
Associated LVProton-M and Rokot
StatusIn Production
Liquid-fuel engine
PropellantN2O4 / UDMH
Mixture ratio2.0
CycleGas Generator
Thrust, vacuum19.62 kilonewtons (4,410 lbf)
Chamber pressure9.8 megapascals (1,420 psi)
Specific impulse, vacuum328.6 seconds
Burn time3,200 seconds
Length1,150 millimetres (45 in)
Diameter948 millimetres (37.3 in)
Dry weight95 kilograms (209 lb)
Used in
Briz-M and Rokot

See alsoEdit

  • Briz-M - The upper stage that is powered by the S5.98M.
  • Proton-M - The heavy lift rocket that uses the Briz-M stage.
  • Rokot - The light lift rocket that uses the smaller Briz-KM stage.
  • Khrunichev - The manufacturer of the Briz stage and the corporate parent of the designer bureau.


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