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SPIN (Searchable Physics Information Notices) bibliographic database is an indexing and abstracting service produced by the American Institute of Physics (AIP). The content focus of SPIN is described as the most significant areas of physics research. This type of literature coverage spans the major physical science journals and magazines. Major conference proceedings that are reported by the American Institute of Physics, member societies, as well as affiliated organizations are also included as part of this database. References, or citations, provide access to more than 1.5 million articles as of 2010. SPIN has no print counterpart.[1][2]

SPIN (Searchable Physics Information Notices)
ProducerAmerican Institute of Physics (AIP) (USA, Russia, Ukraine)
LanguagesEnglish, Russian, Ukrainian
ProvidersDialog, AIP website, SPIE Digital Library
DisciplinesPhysics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Geophysics, Geosciences, Nuclear Science, Science & Technology
Record depthWord, Phrase, Abstract, Author and Author affiliations, Descriptor, Errata (coden, or date, or volume) Identifier, Title, Astronomical objects, CODEN, Conference (location, or title, or year), Journal name, and more...
Format coverageJournal Articles, Book Reviews, Conferences, Meetings, Patents, Symposia
Temporal coverage1975 to the present
Geospatial coverageInternational
No. of recordsover 1.5 million
Update frequencyWeekly
Print edition
Print titleNo print counterparts



Delivery of timely indexing and abstracting is for, what are deemed to be, the significant or important physics and astronomy journals from the United States, Russia, and the Ukraine. Citations for journal articles are derived from original publications of the AIP, which includes published translated works. At the same time, citations are included from member societies, and selectively chosen American journals. Citations become typically available online on the same date as the corresponding journal article.[1][2]



Overall, the source citations are derived from material published by the AIP and member societies, which are English-speaking, Russian, and Ukrainian journals and conference proceedings. Certain American physics-related articles are also sources of citations. About 60 journals have cover to cover indexing, and about 100 journals, overall, are indexed.[1][3]



Subject coverage encompasses the following: [1]

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