SS Nailsea Meadow


Great Britain
Name: SS Nailsea Meadow
Namesake: (Believed) Nailsea
Owner: Wales E.R. Management Co Ltd, Cardiff[1]
Port of registry: Wales Cardiff, Wales[1]
Route: Hampton Roads - New York - Trinidad - Cape Town - Durban - Bombay - Karachi[1]
Builder: England Bartram & Sons Ltd, South Dock, Sunderland[1]
Launched: 18 December 1936[2]
Completed: 23 February 1937
Fate: Torpedoed by U-196
Status: Sunk
Notes: Torpedoed by U-196. Lies 40 miles south of Port St. Johns, Cape Colony.[1]
General characteristics
Tonnage: 4,962 tons[1]
Crew: 44 crew

SS Nailsea Meadow was a freighter sunk in the Second World War by the German submarine U-196 on 11 May 1943. She was transporting tanks and supplies to the Eighth Army under General Montgomery in Egypt.[3]


The Nailsea Meadow was found in 1997 by Emlyn Brown working with the National Underwater and Marine Agency and Clive Cussler, at first believing it to be the lost SS Waratah.[4] On closer examination in 2001, it was declared to be the Nailsea Meadow.

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