SS Sant Anna


NameSS Sant' Anna
OwnerCompagnie de Navigation À Vapeur Cyprien Fabre & Cie (Fabre Line)
BuilderSociété Nouvelle des Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée, La Seyne-sur-Mer
CompletedJuly 1910
FateTorpedoed and sunk on 11 May 1918
General characteristics
Class and typeOcean liner
Tonnage9,350 GRT
Length151 m
Beam17.5 m
Height20 m
Installed power10.000 PS
Speedmax. 16,5 knots
Capacity70 First Class- 250 Second Class- 1850 Third Class

SS Sant′ Anna was a Transatlantic ocean liner converted into a troopship in 1915, torpedoed and sunk in the Mediterranean Sea on 11 May 1918 with 605 casualties.

Sant′ Anna was built as an ocean liner for service between France and New York City. The ship was operational between 1912 and 1915, when she was requisitioned by the French Army and refitted as troopship for use in World War I. On 19 September 1915 a fire broke out on board, which was thought to be an act of German sabotage. On 12 April 1916 Sant′ Anna made her first trip to the Salonika Front with 1,027 Serbian Army soldiers and 129 horses on board.

On 11 May 1918 she was again steaming in the Mediterrean Sea on a voyage from Bizerte for Thessaloniki under the escort of two British sloops, HMS Cyclamen and HMS Verhana, with 2,025 soldiers on board (574 Senegalese, 429 Kabyle, 194 Annamite, nine Greek, and the rest French). She was torpedoed at 3:15 AM by the Imperial German Navy submarine SM UC-54, commanded by Heinrich XXXVII Prinz Reuß zu Köstritz, and sank at 3:58 AM off the coast of French Tunisia, some 26 nautical miles east of Cape Bon, killing 605 of the soldiers. The survivors were rescued by the two British sloops, the French Navy destroyer Catapulte, a British gunboat, the French sloop Saint Jean, and the vessels Auguste Leblond and Marguerite Marie.

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Coordinates: 37°02′24″N 11°21′36″E / 37.0400°N 11.3600°E / 37.0400; 11.3600