Mission typeCommunications
OperatorSingapore Telecom
Chunghwa Telecom
COSPAR ID1998-049A
SATCAT no.25460
Mission duration13 years
Spacecraft properties
ManufacturerMatra Marconi
Launch mass3,200 kilograms (7,100 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date25 August 1998, 23:07 (1998-08-25UTC23:07Z) UTC[1]
RocketAriane 44P V109
Launch siteKourou ELA-2
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
Longitude88° east
Perigee altitude35,771 kilometres (22,227 mi)
Apogee altitude35,813 kilometres (22,253 mi)
Inclination1.83 degrees
Period23.93 hours
Epoch29 October 2013, 18:16:49 UTC[2]

ST-1 is a communications satellite owned by Singapore Telecom and Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom Company, Ltd. It was placed launched on 25 August 1998, by an Ariane 4 rocket. The two companies jointly operate the spacecraft from control centres located in Seletar, Singapore and Taipei, Taiwan, respectively.

ST-1 carries 16 high-power Ku band transponders and 14 medium-power C-band transponders. Weighing over 3,000 kg (6,600 lb.) at launch, ST-1 generates more than 6,500 Watts of electrical power. The satellite's broad C-band coverage beam extends from the Middle East to Japan, including all of Southeast Asia.

ST-1 also features two Ku-band spot beams: a "K1" beam that stretches from Taiwan to Singapore and from Indonesia to Malaysia and a "K2" beam centred over the Indian subcontinent. The ST-1 satellite currently delivers telephony, digital DTH broadcasting, VSAT and other business services throughout the region.

Singapore Telecom and Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom Company are currently operating the replacement satellite ST-2 after ST-1 has reached its mission duration in 2011.


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