SV Yankee Clipper


  • 1927–1965: Cressida
  • 1965–present: Yankee Clipper
In service: 1927–2007
Out of service: 2007
Identification:IMO number: 8845872
Status: Laid up
General characteristics
Type: Cruise ship
Length: 197 ft
Beam: 30 ft
Draft: 17 ft
Crew: 30
Notes: Permanently docked in Trinidad

Yankee Clipper is a three masted sailing cruise ship that served for Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, the failed cruise line. She was originally built in Kiel, Germany as the Cressida, an armor plated private yacht. She was a prize in World War II. She was acquired by the Vanderbilts and was renamed Pioneer. In 1965, the ship was acquired by Windjammer Barefoot cruises.


Yankee Clipper has five different cabin types; Standard cabin junior, standard cabin, deck cabin, captain's cabin, and admiral suite.

Out of service

When the Yankee Clipper's owner, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises went out of business in 2007, the ship retired and she is permanently docked in Trindad.


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