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Safeguarded wharves are those wharves in London which have been given special status by the Mayor of London and the Port of London Authority (PLA) which ensures they are retained as working wharves and are protected from redevelopment into non-port use.[citation needed]

Barges at Walbrook Wharf, the only safeguarded wharf in central London

Nineteen operational and six non-operational or road served wharves are viable or capable of being made viable for cargo-handling and should be safeguarded by direction of the Deputy Prime Minister. Nineteen of the proposed sites are not viable for cargo-handling.[1]

List of safeguarded wharvesEdit

Upper ReachesEdit

  • Hurlingham Wharf
  • Swedish Wharf
  • Comley’s Wharf (RMC Fulham)
  • Western Riverside (waste transfer station)
  • Pier Wharf
  • Cremorne Wharf
  • Cringle Dock
  • Metro Greenham (RMC Battersea)
  • Middle Wharf (RMC Vauxhall)

Central LondonEdit

London DocklandsEdit

See London Docks, Shadwell Basin, Limehouse Basin, Surrey Commercial Docks, West India Docks, Millwall Dock, East India Docks and the Royal Docks (which remains in use for boat exhibitioning) for the dock systems containing a great multitude of docks (some of which no longer exist) which were in commercial port operation until the 1970s/early 1980s.

  • Convoy's Wharf
  • Brewery Wharf
  • Tunnel Glucose
  • Victoria Deep Water Terminal
  • Northumberland Wharf
  • Orchard Wharf
  • Priors Wharf (Lower Lea Valley/Bow Creek)
  • Mayer Parry Wharf (EMR Canning Town) (Lower Lea Valley/Bow Creek)
  • Thames Wharf
  • Peruvian Wharf
  • Manhattan Wharf
  • Sunshine Wharf
  • Angerstein Wharf
  • Murphy’s Wharf (major existing aggregates terminal)
  • Riverside Wharf
  • Thames Refinery/(Tate & Lyle Jetty) (Cairn Mills; sugar)

Barking CreekEdit

The following wharfs are located on the lower section of the River Roding, at Creekmouth.

  • Welbeck Wharf
  • Pinns Wharf
  • Kierbeck & Steel Wharves
  • Debden Wharf
  • Rippleway Wharf
  • Docklands Wharf
  • Victoria Stone Wharf
  • DePass Wharf

Dagenham DockEdit

Erith ReachEdit

  • Borax Wharf/Manor Wharf
  • Phoenix Wharf, Frog Island
  • Tilda Rice
  • Mulberry Wharf
  • Pioneer Wharf
  • Albion Wharf
  • RMC Erith
  • Railway Wharf (RMC)
  • Mayer Parry Wharf (EMR Erith/Mayer Parry Recycling)
  • Standard Wharf

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