Safety Bay Road


Safety Bay Road is an east-west metropolitan road located in the City of Rockingham, about 50 kilometres (31 mi) south of Perth, Western Australia. The road starts in Rockingham's coastal suburbs and heads south from Peron past Lake Richmond. The road then turns left at the coast with a roundabout with Arcadia Drive which is a coastal road in Shoalwater. Safety Bay Road takes a left turn and extends past Ennis Avenue and Warnbro railway station to the newer suburban estates at Baldivis, before ending just past the Kwinana Freeway. As such, it forms a key link between Rockingham, Perth and Mandurah. Until 2009, the end of the road marked the start of the Kwinana Freeway.

Safety Bay Road

Safety Bay Road near Safety Bay Yacht Club, November 2021 05.jpg
Safety Bay Road near Safety Bay Yacht Club, where the road turns from north-south to west-east
General information
Length15.6 km (9.7 mi)
Route number(s)
Tourist routes
Major junctions
West endParkin Street, Peron
East end Kwinana Freeway (State Route 2), Baldivis
Major suburbsShoalwater, Safety Bay, Waikiki, Baldivis

Safety Bay Road was gazetted in 1949, having first existed as two roads - Road No.10168, and a coastal road in Safety Bay known as "The Esplanade".[1]

Major intersectionsEdit

The entire road's length is in the City of Rockingham, with all intersections listed below controlled by roundabouts unless otherwise indicated.

RockinghamPeron boundary00.0  Parkin Street (State Route 18) eastbound/Hymus Street northbound  – Rockingham, Kwinana Beach, Fremantle, Garden IslandNorthern terminus at T junction. Road continues north as Hymus Street with turnoff to Cape Peron and Garden Island just north of the intersection.
RockinghamShoalwaterPeron tripoint1.00.62Frederick Street  – Peron
Safety BayShoalwater boundary2.21.4Rae Road  – CooloongupAccess to Rockingham railway station. Uncontrolled T junction
Safety Bay3.01.9  Arcadia Drive (Tourist Drive 202)Tourist Drive 202's (Rockingham Coastal Drive) northern concurrency terminus.
5.03.1Malibu Road
Waikiki-Warnbro boundary8.35.2Read Street northbound / Warnbro Sound Avenue southbound  – Rockingham, Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour, Golden Bay
  Ennis Avenue (National Route 1)  – Rockingham, Perth, MandurahDumbbell-Dogbone interchange hybrid, northbound exit ramp looped. Tourist Drive 202's (Rockingham Coastal Drive) southern terminus.
9.55.9Warnbro railway station access roadSignalised intersection
Baldivis-WarnbroWaikiki tripoint11.57.1Mandurah Road  – Kwinana Beach, Leda, Hillman, Karnup
Baldivis13.88.6Nairn Drive
14.08.7Settlers AvenueAccess to Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre. Signalised intersection
14.48.9Norseman Approach northbound / Burlington Drive southboundSignalised intersection
14.99.3Baldivis Road  – Wellard, Karnup
  Kwinana Freeway (State Route 2) north and southbound / Folly Road eastbound  – Joondalup, Perth, Mandurah, BunburySouthern terminus at signalised diamond interchange favouring Kwinana Freeway. Road continues as Folly Road eastbound.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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