Saga 1st district


Saga 1st district is a constituency of the House of Representatives in the Diet of Japan (national legislature). It is located in Saga Prefecture and consists of Tosu, parts of Saga and Kanzaki as well as the Miyaki District. As of September 2012, 237,748 eligible voters were registered in the district.[1]

Saga 1st district has been a swing district since its creation in 1996: it alternately elected candidates for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)/its precursor New Frontier Party (NFP). The district is currently represented by Kazuchika Iwata (LDP), a former second-generation Saga prefectural assemblyman. In 2012, Iwata defeated Kazuhiro Haraguchi (DPJ), Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication in the Hatoyama cabinet. Haraguchi had initially won the district narrowly for the NFP in 1996 but lost it in 2000 to Takanori Sakai (LDP) who was appointed as Cabinet Office Vice Minister in the 2nd realigned Mori cabinet. In March 2003, Sakai was arrested (and later sentenced to 32 months in prison) for having received illicit corporate donations in violation of the Political Funds Control Law.[2][3] Takamaro Fukuoka replaced Sakai as LDP candidate for Saga 1 in the 2003 election and lost to Haraguchi. The "postal privatization" election of 2005 gave the LDP a landslide victory, and Fukuoka beat Haraguchi despite the fact that the DPJ's opposition ally, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), unlike in previous elections did not nominate a candidate in Saga 1st district. In the landslide LDP defeat of 2009, Haraguchi won the district for the third time.

Before the 1994 electoral reform, the area had been part of Saga At-large district where five representatives were elected by single non-transferable vote.

List of representatives edit

Election Representative Party Notes
1996 Kazuhiro Haraguchi NFP After the dissolution of NFP, Haraguchi joined DPJ through Voice of the people, GGP.
2000 Takanori Sakai LDP
2003 Kazuhiro Haraguchi DPJ
2005 Takamaro Fukuoka LDP After losing the 2009, Iwata was elected in 2010.
2009 Kazuhiro Haraguchi DPJ
2012 Kazuchika Iwata LDP
2014 Kazuhiro Haraguchi DPJ
2017 Independent Haraguchi tried to run for office in Kibō, but gave up.
2021 CDP

Election results edit

Party Candidate Votes % ±%
CDP Kazuhiro Haraguchi 92,452 50.04
LDP (NKP) Kazuchika Iwata 92,319 49.96
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Ind. (DP) Kazuhiro Haraguchi 105,487 55.65
LDP (NKP) Kazuchika Iwata 78,972 41.66
Happiness Realization Party Toru Nakajima 5086 2.68
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
LDP (NK) Kazuchika Iwata 70,547 49.2
DPJ (PNP) Kazuhiro Haraguchi (elected by PR) 63,007 43.9
JCP Hitoshi Ōmori 9,857 6.9
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
DPJ (SDP, NPP support) Kazuhiro Haraguchi 96,618
LDP (Kōmeitō support) Takamaro Fukuoka 75,475
Happiness Realization Party Ken Koba 1,568
Turnout 175,824 74.77
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
LDP Takamaro Fukuoka 84,643
DPJ Kazuhiro Haraguchi 75,449
JCP Akemi Mutō 8,029
Turnout 170,282 73.28
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
DPJ Kazuhiro Haraguchi 70,271
LDP Takamaro Fukuoka 66,446
SDP Hisahiro Shibata 8,315
JCP Yasutoshi Kamimura 4,977
Turnout 152,297 66.13
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
LDP Takanori Sakai 70,155
DPJ Kazuhiro Haraguchi 62,932
SDP Katsuyō Ogata 30,018
JCP Yasutoshi Kamimura 7,173
Liberal League Kō Nagai 1,612
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
NFP Kazuhiro Haraguchi 62,515
LDP Takanori Sakai 60,286
SDP Katsuyō Ogata 27,514
JCP Yasutoshi Kamimura 7,670
Liberal League Takashi Kimura 2,493

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