Sakito Maru
Builder: Mitsubishi Zosen Kaisha (Nagasaki)
Launched: 1939
In service: 1939-1944
Out of service: 1 March 1944
Fate: Torpedoed and sunk 1 March 1944
General characteristics
Type: Troop transport
Tonnage: 7,126 tons
Length: 145 m
Beam: 19 m
Draught: 12.5 m
Speed: 19.7 knots

Sakito Maru (崎戸丸) was a 7,126-ton Japanese troop transport during World War II, which sank on 1 March 1944 with great loss of life.

Sakito Maru was built in 1939 by the Mitsubishi Zosen Kaisha in Nagasaki for the Nippon Yusen shipping company.[citation needed]

On 29 February 1944, Sakito Maru was carrying the Japanese 18th Infantry Regiment. as part of convoy MATSU-01 which transported the 29th Infantry Division of the Kwantung Army from Manchukuo to Guam. Matsu No. 1 consisted of four large transports escorted by three Yūgumo-class destroyers of Destroyer Division 31: Asashimo, Kishinami, and Okinami.[citation needed]

The convoy was attacked by the American submarine USS Trout about 625 miles east of Taiwan.[1] The submarine badly damaged the large passenger-cargo Aki Maru and sank Sakito Maru. Sakito Maru was hit around 17:56 by two torpedoes and caught fire. She sank at 04:00 killing 2,358 soldiers, 65 ship's gunners and 52 crewmen of the 3,500 men on board. Also lost were several light tanks and most of the regiment's equipment.[2]

Asashimo detected the submarine USS Trout and dropped 19 depth charges. Oil and debris came to the surface and the destroyer dropped a final depth charge on that spot, sinking the American submarine at the position 22°40′N 131°45′E / 22.667°N 131.750°E / 22.667; 131.750Coordinates: 22°40′N 131°45′E / 22.667°N 131.750°E / 22.667; 131.750.[3]

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