Science World
CategoriesClassroom magazine
Year founded1957
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City

Science World is an educational magazine published by Scholastic Corporation targeting primarily children between grades 6 and 12 and covering many aspects of science, including "physical science, life science/health, earth and space science, environmental science, and technology."[1]

History and profile

Science World was established in 1957[2] by Street & Smith Publications, Inc.[2] In 1959, Scholastic Magazines, Inc. acquired the title.[2] The magazine is based in New York City.[3]

According to the Massachusetts Biotechnology Industry directory, Science World, "brings to life the latest breaking news and discoveries in every field of science, while helping students build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills." They are used in many schools, though a subscription is needed to obtain them.[4]


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