Scott Meredith


Scott Meredith, born Arthur Scott Feldman (1923, New York City, NY – 1993, Manhasset, NY) was a prominent American literary agent, and founder of the Scott Meredith Literary Agency. His clients included famous and successful writers such as Richard S. Prather, Morris West, Norman Mailer, J.G. Ballard, Arthur C. Clarke, P.G. Wodehouse and Philip K. Dick.[1]

He wrote some short fiction himself as a young man. In 1946 he founded the Scott Meredith Literary Agency with his brother, Sidney Meredith.[2] Their first client was P.G. Wodehouse. During Scott Meredith's career, he innovated many of the basic practices of his field. Such innovations included attention to foreign rights, tie-ins with movies, and auctioning rights to publishers.[1]

His book Writing to Sell was praised by Richard S. Prather.


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