Sea Battalion (Germany)


Sea Battalion
Wappen SeeBtl.svg
Coat of arms of the German Naval Force Protection Battalion
Country Germany
Branch Germany Navy
TypeNaval infantry
Part ofCOA EF1.svg Einsatzflottille 1
Garrison/HQWappenEckernfoerde.svg Eckernförde
Nickname(s)"Multitool der Marine" (Multitool of the Navy)[1]
Motto(s)"Vom Land zum Meer – Vom Meer zum Land" (From land to sea - from sea to land)[1]
Fregattenkapitän Norman Bronsch
Beret badgeBW Barettabzeichen Seebatallion.png

The Sea Battalion (German: Seebataillon) is a land formation of the German Navy. It was formed in Eckernförde on 1 April 2014, succeeding the Naval Protection Force and the Naval Force Protection Battalion, against a background of rapidly escalating tensions in Eastern Europe centering around Ukraine.


The Sea Battalion is made up of around 1,100 sailors and structured into four companies plus support elements. Every company, led by a lieutenant commander (Korvettenkapitän, OF-3), is specialized in specific field of force protection.

  • Seebataillon[2]
    • HQ
      • S1
      • S2
      • S3
      • S4
      • S6
      • medical support group
    • coastal defence company (Küsteneinsatzkompanie)
      • 1st platoon
      • 2nd platoon
      • 3rd platoon
      • 4th platoon
      • 5th platoon (inactive)
    • boarding company (Bordeinsatzkompanie)
      • 1st platoon
      • 2nd platoon
      • 3rd platoon
      • 4th platoon
    • mine clearance diving company (Minentaucherkompanie)
      • diver platoon (for seabased operations, e.g. aboard minesweepers)
      • mobile platoon
      • EOD platoon
    • reconnaissance company (Aufklärungskompanie)
    • support company (Unterstützungskompanie)
      • technical support
      • logistical support
    • training centre
    • beach master platoon (planned)


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