SecondHandSongs (or Second Hand Songs) is a collaborative website that maintains a global database of mainly cover versions of original works. It also contains information about adaptations and samples. The website allows performers and curators to add songs and update their metadata.[1] It includes links to freely accessible recordings of the covers, and external identifiers for those works and performances in other databases.

Second Hand Songs
Type of site
Online database of cover songs
Available inEnglish
OwnerDiscoversongs VZW
RegistrationOptional, only for contributing or editing data
Current statusactive
Content licence
Academic use
Written inPHP (Symfony), PostgreSQL

As of 2021, it included roughly a million covers of 100,000 original works, and was cross-referenced by MusicBrainz.[2][3]

Data and usesEdit

Data are contributed and edited by the active community, so the exact size of the database has changed over time. In 2007, the project included 60,000 covers.[4] As of 2020, it had reached a million covers.

Data schema and identifiersEdit

SecondHandSongs includes a work ID for each work, and a performance ID for each cover of a song by a performer.

A work is an equivalence class of performances of the same underlying song. Each performer has at most one performance of a work in the database.

Derived datasetsEdit

In 2011, the Million Song Dataset project released a SecondHandSongs subset (an intersection of SHS and MSD data). At the time, this was the largest dataset of cover songs available for academic research.[5]

Later, it released the SHS100k dataset for machine learning, with 100k covers of 10k works.[6] This has since become a benchmark for cover-song identification.[7]

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