Semyon Gershtein


Semyon Solomonovich Gershtein (13 July 1929 – 20 February 2023) was a Soviet and Russian physicist. He was an academician of Russian Academy of Sciences since 2003. He was a USSR State Prize laureate.

Semyon Solomonovich Gershtein
Russian: Семён Соломонович Герштейн
Gerstein in a lecture at MIPT
Born(1929-07-13)13 July 1929
Died20 February 2023(2023-02-20) (aged 93)
Moscow, Russia
Alma materMSU Faculty of Physics
AwardsOrder "For Merit to the Fatherland"
Order of Honour (Russia)
USSR State Prize
Scientific career
FieldsTheoretical physics
InstitutionsInstitute for High Energy Physics
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Academic advisorsAnatoly Vlasov,[1] Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov

Biography Edit

Gershtein was born in Harbin, China. After graduating from the Department of Nuclear Physics (Faculty of Physics) in Moscow State University, he worked at a school in Kaluga Oblast until 1954. In 1955, he entered the graduate school of the Institute for Physical Problems.

Gershtein was a senior researcher in the Institute for High Energy Physics. He went on to become a professor of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1963).

Gershtein authored more than two hundred publications and several scientific discoveries.

Gershtein died in Moscow on 20 February 2023, at the age of 93.[2]

Honors and awards Edit

Selected publications Edit

  • Gershtein, S. S.; Kiselev, V. V.; Likhoded, A. K.; Tkabladze, A. V. (1995). "Bc spectroscopy". Physical Review D. 51 (7): 3613–3627. arXiv:hep-ph/9406339. Bibcode:1995PhRvD..51.3613G. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.51.3613. PMID 10018833.
  • Gershtein, Semen S.; Kiselev, Valerii V.; Likhoded, Anatolii K.; Tkabladze, A. V. (1995). "Physics of Bc-mesons". Physics-Uspekhi. 38: 1–37. arXiv:hep-ph/9504319. doi:10.1070/PU1995v038n01ABEH000063. S2CID 119344200.
  • Gershtein, S. S.; Kiselev, V. V.; Likhoded, A. K.; Onishchenko, A. I. (2000). "Spectroscopy of doubly heavy baryons". Physics of Atomic Nuclei. 63 (2): 274–286. arXiv:hep-ph/9811212. Bibcode:2000PAN....63..274G. doi:10.1134/1.855633. S2CID 53143533.

References Edit

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