High Priest of Ptah in Memphis
Lintel of Senwosretankh MET 33.1.13.jpg
Dynasty12th Dynasty
PharaohSenusret I?
BurialMastaba at Lisht

Senewosret-Ankh (or Sesostris-Ankh, Senusret-Ankh) was High Priest of Ptah in Memphis, Royal Sculptor, and Builder likely during the time of Senusret I of the 12th Dynasty.

His mastaba was discovered in 1933 near the pyramid of Senusret I at Lisht. The tomb's superstructure was thoroughly destroyed because the stones had been removed. The tomb was looted in antiquity, but some nice pieces of sculpture were found by the excavators, like a limestone sitting statue of Senewosret-Ankh himself, now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (acc. no. 33.1.2a–c[1]). The walls of the burial chamber were decorated with Pyramid Texts.[2]


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