Serhiy Podolynsky


Serhiy Podolynsky (Ukrainian: Сергі́й Подоли́нський) (19 July 1850 – 1891) was a Ukrainian socialist, physician, and an early pioneer of ecological economics. He set out to reconcile socialist thought with the second law of thermodynamics by synthesising the approaches of Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and Sadi Carnot.[1] In his essay "Socialism and the Unity of Physical Forces" (1880), Podolinsky theorized a labor theory of value based on embodied energy.[2]

Serhiy Podolynsky
Born(1850-07-19)July 19, 1850
Nova Yaroslavka
DiedJuly 12, 1891(1891-07-12) (aged 40)
Resting placeZvirynets Cemetery


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