Shanghai Expeditionary Army


Shanghai Expeditionary Army
Japanese troops enter Nanjing
Active1932, 1937-1938
CountryEmpire of Japan
BranchImperial Japanese Army
EngagementsBattle of Shanghai, Battle of Nanjing

The Shanghai Expeditionary Army (上海派遣軍, Shanhai-haken-gun) was a corps-level ad hoc Japanese army in the Second Sino-Japanese War.

The Shanghai Expeditionary Army was first raised on February 25, 1932 as a reinforcement for Japanese forces involved during the First Battle of Shanghai. It was dissolved in June 1932, after the conclusion of that incident. Ethnic Chinese soldiers from the Taiwan Army were part of this army, and they were led by Iwane Matsui.[1][2]

The Shanghai Expeditionary Army was raised a second time on August 15, 1937 on the eruption of full scale hostilities between the Empire of Japan and the Republic of China. Its forces participated in the Second Battle of Shanghai, and the subsequent drive inland to the Battle of Nanking. Troops from this army were also involved in the subsequent Nanjing Massacre.[2]

The Shanghai Expeditionary Army was disbanded on February 1, 1938, and its component units were incorporated into the Japanese Central China Area Army.

Organization 1932

See: Order of Battle January 28 Incident

Organization 1937-1938

See: Order of battle of the Battle of Shanghai

List of commanders

Commanding officer

Name From To
1 General Yoshinori Shirakawa 25 February 1932 29 April 1932
X Disbanded
2 General Iwane Matsui 15 August 1937 2 December 1937
3 Lieutenant General Prince Asaka Yasuhiko 2 December 1937 14 February 1938

Chief of Staff

Name From To
1 Lieutenant General Kanichiro Tashiro 25 February 1932 29 April 1932
X Disbanded
2 Lieutenant General Mamoru Iinuma 15 August 1937 14 February 1938


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