She's Back on Broadway


She's Back on Broadway is a 1953 musical comedy-drama film in WarnerColor. It is Virginia Mayo's last musical film. Her singing voice was dubbed by Bonnie Lou Williams.[2] The film was Mayo's unofficial follow-up to her 1952 musical hit She's Working Her Way Through College.[3]

She's Back on Broadway
Directed byGordon Douglas
Written byOrin Jannings
Produced byHenry Blanke
StarringVirginia Mayo
Gene Nelson
Frank Lovejoy
Steve Cochran
Patrice Wymore
Virginia Gibson
CinematographyEdwin B. DuPar
Edited byFolmar Blangsted
Music byDavid Buttolph
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
  • March 14, 1953 (1953-03-14)
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$1.9 million (US)[1]


When Catherine Terris's (Virginia Mayo) career in Hollywood hits the skids, she heads back to the site of her first great triumphs...Broadway! She takes the lead in a play which is being directed by Rick Sommers (Steve Cochran), the man who was both her Svengali and her lover. Sommers is still bitter that she walked out on him to become the toast of Hollywood years earlier. Can Terris and Sommers put aside their mutual animosity long enough to make a go of this production? After the way things start off, it doesn't seem likely.


Musical numbersEdit

  • 1) Overture/I'll Take You/Behind the Mask - Played by Orchestra
  • 2) I May Be Wrong - Sung by Gene Nelson
  • 3) I'll Take You - Sung and Danced by Virginia Mayo (dubbed by Bonnie Lou Williams) and Gene Nelson
  • 4) One Step Ahead - Sung and Danced by Patrice Wymore, Steve Condos and Jerry Brandow
  • 5) Break the Ties That Bind You - Sung by Virginia Mayo (dubbed by Bonnie Lou Williams)
  • 6) Breakfast in Bed - Sung and Danced by Virginia Mayo (dubbed by Bonnie Lou Williams) and Chorus
  • 7) Mardi Gras - Sung by Sy Milano and Chorus, then Danced by Patrice Wymore and Chorus
  • 7.1) Behind the Mask - Sung by Sy Milano, then Danced by Virginia Mayo and Chorus
  • 7.2) Mardi Gras (reprise) - Danced by Gene Nelson
  • 7.3) Behind the Mask (reprise) - Sung by Chorus, Danced by Virginia Mayo, Gene Nelson and Chorus
  • 8) I'll Take You (reprise) - Sung and Danced by Virginia Mayo (dubbed by Bonnie Lou Williams), Gene Nelson and Chorus


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