Sheshan Observatory


The Sheshan Observatory (Chinese: 佘山天文台; pinyin: Shéshān tiānwéntái) is an observatory on Sheshan Hill in Shanghai.

Sheshan Observatory
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LocationSongjiang District, Shanghai, Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone
Coordinates31°05′47″N 121°11′19″E / 31.0963°N 121.1885°E / 31.0963; 121.1885Coordinates: 31°05′47″N 121°11′19″E / 31.0963°N 121.1885°E / 31.0963; 121.1885
Sheshan Observatory is located in China
Sheshan Observatory
Location of Sheshan Observatory
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It was built by French Jesuits around 1899 and is one of the oldest astronomical observatory in China (it also hosts one of China's oldest astronomical telescopes).[1]

In 1962, Sheshan Observatory was merged with Xujiahui Observatory and was renamed the Sheshan Station of the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory.[1]

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31°05′35″N 121°11′35″E / 31.093°N 121.193°E / 31.093; 121.193