Shigeru Mukai


Shigeru Mukai (向井 茂, Mukai Shigeru, born 1953) is a Japanese mathematician at Kyoto University specializing in algebraic geometry.

Shigeru Mukai
Alma materKyoto University (Ph.D., 1982)
Known forFourier-Mukai transform
  • MSJ Autumn Prize (1996)
    Chunichi Culture Award (中日文化賞) (2000)[1]
  • Osaka Prize (2003)
Scientific career
InstitutionsKyoto University
Nagoya University


He introduced the Fourier–Mukai transform in 1981 in a paper on abelian varieties, which also made up his doctoral thesis. His research since has included work on vector bundles on K3 surfaces, three-dimensional Fano varieties, moduli theory, and non-commutative Brill-Noether theory. He also found a new counterexample to Hilbert's 14th problem (the first counterexample was found by Nagata in 1959).


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