SideReel is a Television show tracking website that allows users to manage various shows they watch.[2] The TV community site gives user access to various discussions, reviews, and news articles related to shows. SideReel does not create or publish the shows themselves, rather it acts as a medium that allows users to access content centered on the shows that interest them and organizing the information around those shows.

Type of businessOnline media
Type of site
Video Portal / Entertainment Fansite
United States
LaunchedFebruary 24, 2007; 17 years ago (2007-02-24)

History edit

SideReel launched in April 2007 and was featured in CNET's Webware "beta watch" that same month.[3]

In 2011, SideReel was acquired by Rovi Corporation,[4] and the site was launched.[2] The company also announced it had surpassed 1 million unique visitors in one day.[2]

In July 2013, Rovi spun off SideReel, along with AllGame, AllMovie, AllMusic, and Celebified, as All Media Network; the company's owners includes the original founders of SideReel and Ackrell Capital investor Mike Ackrell.[5][6][citation needed]

In 2014, a free SideReel app was launched, allowing fans to find, track and watch their favorite TV series on iOS devices.[7] The site's Android and iOS apps were later withdrawn as they were too unprofitable.[8]

In 2020, the site was purchased by Netaktion LLC.[9]

Business model edit

SideReel compiles a comprehensive list of television shows and aggregates content for them. The site provides links to view full episodes online, as well as a forum to discuss and review TV shows.[10]

This site allows users to actively collaborate on updating site content, and uses Facebook Connect to foster user participation and a sense of community. Users of Connect can see what shows friends like, and share their favorites.[citation needed]

Criticism edit

In 2010, an LA Times article was published using interviews with unnamed anti-piracy experts who accused SideReel of being a way for viewers to watch shows that are not available online by linking to pirated streaming sites. The company denied the charges, stating that it was merely a specialized search engine that points to legitimate sites and removes infringing links when notified of them.[10]

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