Simon (surname)


Simon is a surname. Notable people with the surname include the following.

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  • Ingo Simon (1875–1964), English archer, singer, and writer

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  • Lawrence Simon (1933–1994), American professional wrestler better known as Boris Malenko (also father of Dean and Jody Simon, aka Dean and Joe Malenko)
  • Leon Simon (born 1945), Australian mathematician, professor at Stanford
  • Leon Simon (Zionist) (1881–1965), British intellectual and civil servant; President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Leslie Earl Simon (1900–1983), American scientist
  • Lidia Șimon (born 1973), Romanian long-distance athlete
  • Lou Anna Simon, American, President of Michigan State University
  • Lowrell Simon (1943–2018), American singer (of The Lost Generation (band))
  • Lucy Simon (1943–2022), American singer

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  • Neil Simon (1927–2018), American playwright and screenwriter
  • Norton Simon (1907–1993), American industrialist

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  • Oliver Simon (1957–2013), German singer of the pop duo Mixed Emotions

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  • Mark Simon, a character in the 1998 American science-fiction disaster movie Deep Impact

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