Sin Gwang-su (spy)


Sin Gwang-su (Korean: 신광수, Hanja: 辛光洙, Japanese: 立山富蔵 (Tateyama Tomizō), born June 27, 1929) is a North Korean national suspected of espionage for North Korea. He is wanted by Japanese authorities for his alleged participation in abductions of Japanese citizens during the 1970s and 1980s.[1]

Sin Gwang-su in the 1980s.

Shin Gwang-su is believed to have participated in the disappearance of Tadaaki Hara in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, in June 1980. A United Nations report concludes that the North Korean agent Shin Gwang-su later passed himself off as Hara in Japan. He also used his passport and traveled to different countries, including South Korea.


Gwang-su was apprehended by South Korean law enforcement in 2014, using Tadaaki Hara's name to pass himself off as Japanese.[2]

After his arrest, he admitted to the South Korean authorities that he was involved in abducting Hara and relocating him to North Korea.[2]

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