"Letters to young Shooters". Caricature by Spy published in Vanity Fair in 1893.

Sir Ralph William Frankland-Payne-Gallwey, 3rd Baronet (1848–1916) was an English engineer, historian, ballistics expert, and artist. He was the son of Sir William Payne-Gallwey, 2nd Baronet, MP. His son William Payne-Gallwey was a first-class cricketer who was killed in action during the First World War.


He authored books on military and sporting history, theory, and practice. He wrote The Crossbow, which was re-published in 2007 by Skyhorse Publishing.[1][2]


  • The Book of the Crossbow
  • The Fowler in Ireland, or Notes on the Haunts and Habits of Wildfowl and Seafowl: Including Instructions in the Art of Shooting and Capturing Them
  • The Book of Duck Decoys: Their Construction, Management and History
  • Letters to Young Shooters. 1892.
  • The Mystery of Maria Stella, Lady Newborough. Edward Arnold. 1907.
  • A history of The George worn on the scaffold by Charles I. 1908.
  • High Pheasants in Theory and Practice. 1913.
  • The War, A Criticism. 1915.


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