Skadi Mons


Skadi Mons /ˈskɑːði ˈmɒnz/ is a mountain on Venus in Maxwell Montes, at the center of Ishtar Terra. It is the highest point of the planet with an altitude of about 10,700 meters (about 35,000 feet) above the mean planetary radius[citation needed].

Skadi Mons
Maxwell Montes of planet Venus.jpg
Skadi Mons in the top right corner of this radar image (bright image area is Maxwell Montes; dark area is Lakshmi Planum)
Feature typeMountain
Coordinates64°N 4°E / 64°N 4°E / 64; 4Coordinates: 64°N 4°E / 64°N 4°E / 64; 4[1]
  • 6.4 km (4.0 mi) 20,997 ft (6,400 m)
  • 10.7 km (6.6 mi) 35,105 ft (10,700 m) above mean.
Perspective rendering of Ishtar Terra, at the center of the image is Maxwell Montes, according to its elevation in red and its peaks like Skadi Mons in white.

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