Skioessa (Greek: Σκιόεσσα, meaning "umbrageous") is a neighbourhood and a settlement in the northeastern part of the city of Patras. Skioessa had a population of 526 for the settlement. Skioessa is located 5 km from downtown Patras, about 5 km southeast of Rio, about 37 km west of Aigio and 2 km east of the GR-8/E55 (Athens - Corinth - Patras and Aretha Street. The previous name of this suburb, Voudeni, is still in use.

Voudeni (Skioessa)

Nearest placesEdit

  • Charadros, north and northeast
  • Patras, south and west


Year Population
1991 535
2001 526


The area are mountainous and hills and has houses and farmlands in the valley areas, grasslands along with bushes and forests are in the mountain areas. The village has beautiful houses and is next to the Meilichos river. It has a large football field and a small bridge.

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Coordinates: 38°15′31″N 21°47′12″E / 38.25861°N 21.78667°E / 38.25861; 21.78667